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MAking room for New member

Hi all,

It pain me to kick some of the Pioneer of CDL who have been inactive for very long. But CDL is growing strong slowly and I have to decide the future NOW. So I have listed below the inactive member that I kick.

DhRaL 08/10/20

Volde 08/10/20

Zerth 08/06/14

verEdenne_2 08/06/21

LiCht 08/06/02

This one YANA told me he quit

Knowledge 09/07/03

If any of U should return please PM Me or Yana for instate. Thanks


New Year New Wishes New Hope

It will be a busy year for me, I hope. As least time pass quickly. But that also mean i be less playing GE soon. I have a wonderful time on the first CW against Mill**** faction. It was a good day to test out  my new deadly Constell Greast sword and Serpent Rifle. Flintlock and Hang Guard was not max even and it already was deadly enough to 1 skill KO, with Great Sword 1 Voilation skill take out a set of family. It was a great feelng after the amount of money i spend to make one. The only regert i have is that there only a few of us verse so many RED of them. I face floor many time but not until I try take out as many of them.  I wish More can be CDL master and be active master as like me, HARDCORE. I wish. I believe 10 of us is enough to wipe them out. I wish and I can only Dream. They finally now see the edge of my GS, Rifle and Sword. Well, someone call me Small GAS or even challange me to a deal with so many RED around me. When one of our CDL member manage to WIPEOUT one of the enemy family, that guy quickly delete my CDL member from friend list. HAHAHAHA I call that small gas. Indeed, I will not fall for this type of Trap. ONLY a fool rush into a war. I will plan my next attack with deadly conculsion for all this coward. They can see that I play fair and square, if it is CW, U must get ready to be kill and in TDA colony war is the same. I give no inche and i will attack again and again until i see a floor dead red. I come so close that U dun even know. THAT CW  They dun even want to rez their our fallen. So sad. WE ARE SPARTAN so we dun neeed rez. When the odd is big then we say like SPARTAN “TODAY IS A GLORIOUS DAY TO KILL ALL AND DIE WORTHY.”




I was having those flash back again. What I did for CDL and myself. We did GOF and got Colony a few times. I see many grow up and move on in Real life. A year back no one thing we are capable of anything. We show them.  But Being a big faction have it Up and Down. we have mass quittiung and betrayal of trust and also even breaking  of ally trust after we help to fight and die on the front for them . How i wish that they were the one on  the receiving end of the sword.  But my or CDL code of honor no 3 is WE RESPECT ALL AND WE ARE NOT BULLY. I go TDA is to protect our little one who need the buff to quicky lvl. BUT it disgust me to see that our ally switch side and willing stand in our way even when it not TDA colony time. A clear sight of BULLY and betrayal. Anyway, I have make new friend. I am glad that IAH take to make GE a balance world to play but at a cost of course. But hardcore gamer like me see that not  a sight of unfair,(ya in way to those big faction that HAWK all the hot spot mob to farm those item but we small faction will suffer as their will be a monopoly faction). It also  create a dan in the Black market that cannot sell item for a lot of profit. It was a smart move. I am looking forward in 2010 to MAD ETS in ver 4. But I ahve something to say to my belove faction.

Me and Yana have be faithfully looking after CDL as their Leader and Guardian for so long. I/we am/are a bit burn and need a long rest so I will coming into GE only to afk mostly. I hope in the coming year a TRUE LEADER and a NEW DFL can come fore and take over our place. I dun wish to dissolve CDL. I was born a CDL I will die as a CDL. SPARTANNNN………………



MAaaaaarry Christmas to ALL

HO HO HO MAaaaaarrry Christmas CDL

First item on the table. I conducted a Live Bid last Sunday and give out many goodies. Too bad some was not there. Next time then.

Second item on the Table, DEC bid is up soon. We have 2 Aqua in the Bid so go for it.

3rd Item I kick some inactive member since they are not online for 6 months. I have to make space for new member so no choice. But if they do come back. We welcome them back.

Here is the list of those I kick.

Bambucha     09/04/07

Jakanja           09/06/22

Konohanaaa  09/06/02

Krisiulevicius 09/05/06

LiLjeLo             09/03/23

Promenado    09/06/03

Riclamir        09/05/05

Souvenior 09/05/01

Teineken  09/06/14

Vandenuer  09/01/06

4th item Dun be naughty when YANA(DFL) ask nicely to stop. OR he sure kick you.

5th item Those like to sharpen your PK can go TDA  CW at 10pm or 2pm SG time to take pot shoot at the Royalist. Since now it exp buff belong to Royal side.Remember dun Kill any one that looking to get buff only and hereby I forbid anyone who go there PK and BULLY other when it is not TDA CW time. We are not BULLY, dun be one.

6th One of our Ally have break our alliance and have now become our enemy since  they become  Royal side. One of it member ATTACK me when i go TDA to get buff ,  it was not Royal side yet and not TDA CW time also. So I question him why he attack me, he no answer and when i ask “are we ally?” he say NO. I pm their new leader but he also no reply. I have to conclude that it over and that our friendship is over. Ex ALLY name is Mil****

7th I was SCAM recently again. One new member join CDL he claim he was hack and need to start anew, so I pity him and lend him 3 elite 92 pistol. After he lvl up he quit faction with out returning me my pistol. Repeat call was ignore and he dare not face me. He has since move to join Symbol. I shall warn them about him. I hope they dun get scam like me. NAME of ex CDL is *uuu

That all for now


Update Update Busy Busy


Last Night we went for as many raid as we can. First one was PY, only me  and AB was there but we have fun. I know I will be big FAT target in there. BUT I show then this FAT target can bourse back to hit U. Like Tai Chi. HA HA HA. After AB dc.ed, I want around kicking butt and get kill many time. IT was FUN when U can KO other player. BUT no fun if u doing it alone. When it was time for MCC3, I logout  jus before some one try to hit me. Sneaky right. Bet he say me chicken. Better be alive chicken then a dead chicken.KAKAKKA I announce early we may not go CW but instead GOF after MCC3. So many show up at MCC3 so we do 2 TA MCC3 instead. AB want to compete with AGG on who can KILL Dilos first. Unfortunately, AB do not win the match even though he finish first, as I realise that AGG was Killing Dilos all alone as his team mate was having dinner. ZZZZZZZZZ. As for me, I when in to TA 1 to help start the TA then jump out to TA 2. but before I can get in, they start without me. BOOOOOO. Dualist and me decide to have some PVP fun. We use vet. I try many rnpc and still lost to Dual 4-2 he win. Creative join in later. BOY, he hax use expert whack us vet. BOOOOOO then he bring Vet and hee hee our turn to whack him. KAKAKKAKA Friendly, PVP was fun. By 1hr time AB team came out of MCC3 with a very important Loot. LN sco recipe. ALL eye Big BIG. I bet this aution will see many show hand as we got a lot of nice symbol and LN to tempt all. At 9.30pm GOF WAR CALL was summon. We all gather at Topolo. I never count hw many was there. I assume there was 14 to 15 of us. As 1 squad was full. I invite a few friend (Curry) and a ex member to join.(Lucky). jus before 10pm, we chiong in. AB gather then to one concer then I start my HELL run to all the Gate of Fire Tower to place each tower 1 Fire orb. U need 11 fire orb. 1 to open the door at Topolo and 10 to summon the LAVA boss. Once LAVA was summon. I lure it to face me , away from the rest. We battle for 30min and still could not damage it, it recharge hp very fast. So after awhile we stop and regroup. AB ask if he can bring in reinforcement. I say Ok and pass him my last Fire orb. We all stick to one concer and wait for back up to come. It took AB almost 15min to come back. MANY begin to feel the bore and fear of failure was looming . I can sense it myself. We keep busy by killing mob that get too close to us. Finally when AB come back. He bring 2 guy only. Me O.O. but he is good. He immidiately TANK Lava. and we all hammer LAVA instantly. Suddenly, out of no where, Diablo appear and it AOE send most of us flying into sky. Recall the beach mini dilos that can throw u into the sky and you get no dmg. This one is painful and can stun u even. So as the leader, i “cough”  unselfishly use my main to lure and tank dilos away from the main Force. After I kill it, I rejoin in the kill for LAVA. Now LAva is 40% HP remain. In the next 10min, it like the longest time to kill it as it fight us all for every HP it got. I dead a few time from it AOE. BUT I keep use SC and continue to whack it. NEVER SAY DIE. When LAVA breath it last, we all sigh of relief and happy. AND AB friend was the winner for all the loot, I foregt his name.(wai something) Thanks for helping CDL. We got a Fire Knuckle not bad not bad. better then a shield.When I check my time. it was MCC1 already. After saying thanks we rush out to get ready for TA. Unfortunately due to time constrian we do one TA only. By the  time we finish all the raid. it was midnight soon. My PC was heating up. So i decide not to do circus and let my PC rest. I Congrat all that come. IT was a wonderful nite out for all of us. Please train hard, i dun think we do GOF soon after last night meeting with LAVA. Maybe in Dec. we have a in game photo shoot of CDL. ^^V then we do GOF again.


Please USE TDA exp buff

I have make CDL back to Republic again after the Birthday. I hope all will make use of the additional 1 Ar and also the use of lvl 3 buff at TDA to lvl up as much as possible. So don’t waste this chance.

I have read storm blog and found out that ETS will be mad in ver4 and best of all, she is MAD HOT MAD SEXY and MAD stance is over the scale. But to get her, need to complete the investigator quest which need a MASTER martial artist to kill a lot of mini boss. MAd stance need Aris symbol and also 6 growth stone. Sure to go MAD when you get her finally. HAHAHAHA.



Yes, it is CDL Birthday tomorrow, CDL was hatch on the 7th of Oct 2 years back. Time fly fast. I wish all those still in CDL a beautiful and wonderful year ahead. It was a rush year i must say so myself. As the faction leader, i am most happy that most of us have not give up CDL and have even grow a lot in the past few month. First is the number of new member joinning CDL(alot), next is the raid we did together as a team. Like Graim, Circus and  TA all work very hard. well done. We have also completed our first GOF. We even fight in CW and get our own colony for awhile. In all, we have many up and down. Of course, our down is that many member left also. This of course is unavoidable as all of us have to wish to move up fast. i wish those that have left CDL best of luck wherever they go.  Also, some misunderstanding too. Please forgive each other if you can. We make friend not enemy. I hope Next Year End we maybe have new faces in the CDL TOP. CDL can grow to the next lvl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CDL.