By shawn

Corazón Del León is OPEN for recruitment!

What are the requirements?

  • no level requirement
  • no nationality requirement
  • no specific playing time requirement
  • you must speak English
  • you must be honest
  • you must be loyal
  • you must be mature

Basically, you must be a well-rounded, decent, normal human being. We do, however, make an exception for weird people. ^_- Other than that, we don’t requires much from you, but we do have standards.

If you’re looking a great group of friends to chat and play GE with, then this is the faction for you.

A more detailed version of the requirement is found here.

So how do I join?
1. Register an account with your in-game name on CDL’s forum.
2. Copy the application format from here.
3. Make a new thread in the Recruitment forum section.
4. Paste the application format, and answer the questions.
5. Whisper to Devolton, Omega or Yanagiba in-game.
6. Be interviewed in a two or three-membered panel.

The first part of joining us is the application process. Please follow all of the directions as detailed above. Anyone who fails to do so will not be considered. CDL have standards, and one of them is the expectation to follow direction correctly and thoroughly.


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