By shawn

Faction Leader: Devolton
Faction Level: 52
Political Allegiance: Republicans
Home Server: Carracci(former)/Rembrandt(now)

About Us:
Founded on 7th October 2007, Corazón Del León is a faction that values unity and cohesiveness above all else. Corazón Del León is Spanish for Lionheart – we put our heart and soul into everything we do!

The members of Corazón Del León have come together from the remnants of a faction that has been around since the days of the Closed Beta. Over the months that we have been together, we have built up a bond that enables us to be truly close-knit. We have become fiercely loyal to each other, and we are able to conduct coordinated raids and attacks, presenting a united front against our rivals!

Corazón Del León encourages its members to have a good game-life balance. Your real life takes priority! No compulsory 4am raids for us. ^_-

Faction Goals:
+ Participate in every Colony War as a faction, no matter the odds!
+ Bring our faction to increasingly challenging raids.
+ Uphold the reputation of the faction.
+ Remember the spirit of Granado Espada – have fun!

Faction Perks:
+ Earn points in faction events to buy rare items in faction vault*
+ Share and buy items for less with friendly factionmates*
+ Squad together for afk-grinding with safety in number
+ Chat with members of different cultures around the globe
+ Learn from the best and oldest members in GE since CBT and POBT
+ Craft any items safely from our members’ veteran rNPC-crafters

*If you join for this reason, please realize you will be under supervision of the event organizer. S/he will determine your effort of participation, meaning s/he will only give you points if you were helpful in the event. Going to the place and time of the event, such as a raid spot, and standing there and doing next to nothing WILL NOT earn you participation points.

*It is up to individual CDL members as whether or not they shall do this. This is not a guaranteed, so do not expect free stuff. If they do help you in the exchange of items, please be aware that one day they shall expect the same coming from you. We all help each other, thus there will be a zero-tolerance policy for freeloaders. In short, we help you, you help us.


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