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Collect your item by 25 DEC 2010 n I am stepping down by 1 Jan 2011

Distrub all the item as deem fit by Agg. I dun wish to see any more item in bank  by DEC 25 2010.

Also, symbol distriub to those that have ton of point first and go TA with the regular, since they help cdl the mostly.

Agg should know who are the one that help in TA, eg. Yana, Agg, Creative and Reappear. This few get 1st go with symbol and item. Agg will also make sure those name i not mention or miss out and deem fit to collect FIRST WILL GET FIRST. I will stand by his decision.

DUN COMPLAIN TO ME, since every time i go TA i see this few only. we hardly can make 1 TA when other go off and farm on their own.  SO DUN say U HELP THE MOST.

AGG WILL LET THIS FEW GET FIRST then what is left in vault, the rest can call for it. CLEAR OUT ALL ITEM IN VAULT BY 25 Dec. item not claim by then all will be sold, break or donate to newbie. Vis all go to Agg from the sell, he will keep all the vis from sells of item not claim. Then should any one come back from the GRAVE and claim they get nothing. Jus give them a small amount of vis as token of apperication. max is 1 mil. or up to AGG to decide. Once all distrub out, sorry but thanks for your help.

AND those wish to QUIT CDL after collecting the goodie PLEASE LEAVE I DUN NEED U HERE Any more.

LAst item on the block, since CDL is deading after i return in oct and most high lvl member quit without saying good bye, SO B IT. Merry christmas and good luck to those that leave

Anyone in CDL wish to take over my post and try to run CDL, let me know, bUT one condition. NO ALLY with EMN is ALLOW. Anyway I also dun really care what the new leader do to CDL.

If by 1 JAN 20111, no one wish to take over my post, dun worry i will not disband CDL. I will delare war on EMN first then put Devolton acc into Sleeper mode.  I wake at ramdom  jus to go around KILL EMN for FUN. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA……..