CDL last Auction Bid

I am closing the bid system due to poor response to TA MCC1 and MCC3.

The reason behind this closure is not disbanding. But it is more effective that some individual prefer to solo TA and farm symbol to sell then to wait for the monthly auction or some newbie can mule for other to get vis.(1mil each TA) I hear some one can get up to 6mil by being a starter mule for them. I have to be realistic  to CDL need. Perviously some member cannot even solo a TA so they need help to get stuff and that the reason for us to keep item in TA for this newbie. Now they can be starter and save up to buy what they need.  There is also not enough people to start even one CDL TA recently. As many of those that can solo ,see that if they can farm for a symbol on their own they skip the rule of auction and also keep the profit  eg. 1 Aqua is 150mil vis. I have try to start 1 TA even with the help of my spare PC. Even that I cannot even get enough  player to come and help start.

So having say that I decided to close Leon for good. As for me, I will hire mule to help start TA for my own TA. I usually will Team up with 1 other CDL member to share the buying of mule. Then any symbol we have, we may keep or sell then spilt it 50 50. 

CDL forum will have a new symbol market for those who wish to sell and buy symbol or any thing. U can request DFL to post in faction broad but for 1 day advertisment it cost u 3mil vis. weekend 6mil each day . ALL broad income will be split equally among 3 DFL only. This split include YANA but not me. Creative and AGG can help post broad in faction. Timing n date will be posted so you know when it is posted. eg. ” Selling Aqua 150mil pm ABC. 20th Aug 12.30pm” Note: important notice will over rule this. eg. during CW, Faction Raid and any important notice that deem must go up. But once the important notice is over, your advertise will be put up again without any extension or refund. Please pay the one who help u put up the advertisement. Also, only when the time is up then u can request DFL to advertise for U.


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