We did Vault Last weekend!!

Some one once say if one dun taste bitter of defeat one dun know hw sweet victory taste. It was a bitter blow for us last weekend when we enter vault mission for the first time but fail to complete it. Ved, creative, Duh, Mdj, Luntie and Liek ( sorry to those if i miss out as I use memory power to recall who was there) came to help me do Hellenna Secert Vault Mission. To Enter, I need a Hellenna and 500 reputation point to enter. Last 2 weeks, I rush my Hellenna to expert. I put my best armor on her and even buy all the wing and hrin buff for her and use Blue lollipo for additional def. When I open open the serect vault and step in, we enter into a empty room. At the first door, and also on each door we encounter we need hellenna to open and enter first. It like a step into abyss. Once i enter, lifeless solider appear and chase after me. it like every 30 sec 4 new mob will appear. The rest follow through the door n into hell of mob. But in order to open the next room, 1 of us must enter a warp gate that will transport 1 of us into a mini boss room. I was told the mini boss is human and 6 other lifless soldier will attack you once you enter. The job was comnpleted by Luntie, she Heroinly charge in to solo the mini boss alone. The rest of us try to keep my hellenna alive at all cost. Creative provoke non stop to lure mob away from me. Ved use ele and wiz to cover my back where Duh use her imbal Ah MA ( grandice ) to whack the mob hard  with her imbal Queen Sword. Liek and MDj also kill many mob to keep me alive. We saw Luntie was victorious from her boss basking when she appear on the hall way. The door show a enter arrow. The whole cycle repeat itself.  We complete 3 room easily. I believe all was confident that we can reach the long hall way. On entering the 4th room, I was in for a nasty surprise. Once i enter instead of 4 mob appear in the room there was 6 mob. The rest followed. They fence off the first wave while Luntie rush into the mini boss room to kill the boss. I cannot stay in 1 spot in this room as all the mob seem to aim my hellenna. I begin to run and dodge the mob. But More and more mob appear. Some of us begin to lag and also catch in the cross fire from those mob charging pole arm that immoblise u for awhile. This awhile is what kill me later. I run and run soon the whole room is cover with mob. Every concer I try to run to, there is a mob standing there. Finally, 1 of the mob catch up with hellenna and jag her. She fell and as she pick up herself, more mob attack her. She drink potion like mad. She manage to outrun and survice 3 deadly encounter before she cannot run any more. Her last move bring her to a cross fire then catch her off guide and she was stun. There was nothing more i can do. She died just when i saw notice showing Luntie win that miniboss. It was a sad end and to some they sure say. ” see see I told u so, they sure die.” As we was wrap out, most cannot believe hellenna died. She escape death 3 time. But eventually she also cannot run forever.

I must say it was a beautiful death and a bitter one. I have start trainning hellenna to Master. Hopefully she can be master by end of the month. I like to broke from the norm. Like TA and Cicrus we go until bore. So I try to inject some new life back into CDL. We also did Vergo those instance mission. I finally got to kick Vergo butt after so many year. Then we make a mistake at GOF. It appear to be a bug. U need to make the gate (we call Key A) and also a enterance key(we call KEY B) for the one who summon the mission gate. The rest only need a entereance Key. At least, our sunday can be fun again. It was too bad i lost a GOF key A but we learn.

LAst of all. Happy National DAy to SINGAPORE  45 year of independance.


3 Responses to “We did Vault Last weekend!!”

  1. 1 old friend
    August 7, 2010 at 6:51 am

    arsene vault secrets

    there is a trick to keeping ur hellena alive.

    1st room – full buff everyone. principal on hellena family is essential. also give her melee enhancement.

    set ur monster graphics to 3%

    proceed to 2nd room.

    when mobs start to appear, have hellena or hellena family just run around the square. the reason for monster graphics 3% is so u can do this without clicking the mob. keep running around until the boss is dead.

    repeat for the next rooms.

    for the final room, hit celine until frost appear. kill frost.

    hit celine again until emily appear. kill emily. (mobs will now disappear)

    hit celine again until mario appear. kill mario.

    finish off celine.

    goodluck to CDL!

  2. 2 Devo
    August 10, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Thks for the advise.

    Hellena reach Master Lvl last night. But will any CDL dare to go in with me again? That is the million vis question.

    I try again soon. Hope we can make it to the last room.

    “Dun give UP, Nv Give Up.” Hellena sing that song all the time

  3. 3 Tia
    August 10, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    Lune-lune here =w= , sorry i cant play much devo. My laptop got some probs, needs fix >.< will go on after fix i can striker again~

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