WE ALL MAD about LVL 135 Mad ETS

Hi Hi

Long ago i use to go to this Baba shop that sell all type of magaine and comic BUT no porn stuff. Among the many magazine. A comic magazine stand out most interesting it call MAD (u guess it)

it was so much maddess inside i wonder this must be the work of a mad man.

Well, that bring me to what i going to say next. MAD ETS is MAD indeed. SHE HOT, SEXY, EVILISH, DANGEROUS AND SO HELL HOT THAT HELL REFUSE to let her in. SO she now been release in GE.

I have the honor to return to play GE for a short time last night.

I decided to do my MMA quest since it need to be done before I can progress to MAD ETS quest. I choice my main team Fighter, STW and Musk all MASTER and AIM to the teeth. Man I got my ASS whip so many time until I nearly give up. ( I NEVER GIVE UP unless no more gpts) I pay that Andre $1mil to do the quest. I went in chat with Firtz and the Beating begin. I wnet with 9999 HP pots and lot of buff potion and SC. When i done with that quest. I have use up almost all my stuff. The first few Boss was walk in the park. Then Elvin appear and 1 Lighting ZAP and all got kick out of the Mission. I went again , another 1mil burn think it was a mistake on my place then again i got zap. I told myself OMG i so screw this time. on my thrid try i decide to let my musk solo Elvin, and i park my other main far away from him. This way only my musk die and i jus SC her. It a long fight. So many boss until i lost count. there is Brian and Lava, those last few bosses i have never met before all put a dam hell of a fight. All my main take turn to die BUT i did not give up. Onward they charge at the BOSS with or without buff. Eventually, Firtz appear and he too was tough cookie. But I use STW and fighter expert stance to force him back and I use the main that have the most HP agg him whenever he hammer 1 of my main HP down to 80%. I burn 5mil jus to redo Firtz quest but finally i walk out a true MMA master.

After i talk to Jean in Auch, i was lost for a moment as there was continue on Jean part. I ask a friend and he point to PORT so i went there. This time I replace STW with Jean the DET. I top up all ammo and potion. Buff up and warp to PORT. Once there I went up the slop to Emillia Lab. There, I told myself  I need to get her in 1 go as my SC and Permium Buff is limited. I step up to her door and knock. It Open and we were in. Once inside , I saw all my main in COMBAT mode. I say this is bad. Then I saw the clock ticking down. The fight was 1 min later when she and jean complete targeting. She was so mad she change into the MAD ETS and Float into the sky. There when I saw she mean business. 1 AOE Jean zzzzzzzzzzz. my 2 main 50% HP gone. I quickly use my fighter to Agg her. It work and she was fire all magic at my MAIN tank. I make my musk run to her back and out of her AOE range. from there I let all hell break loose on MAD ETS. At first her HP refuse to drop even 1%. I shout HOLY MOOOOO. and I saw the clock ticking away. I was despo now. I use all my remaining Permium Buff and even some of my preious election potion and speical elxia potion. Finally I see her HP was going down but by then i have only 7min to drop her. I know it was every blow and bullet must hit home fast. I buff speed also. My main was high on Drug. But I need more but there is no more buff left that i can use. MAD ETS HP was slowly dropping. Every min go by, my heart pound harder and harder until the last 1.5 min. She remain about to die but for some reason, her HP bar is zero already but cannot die. I like WTH. It was after 2 more combo then she was down. I only left about 45sec more before i was kick out. I did not read what the conversation between Jean and Emillia for fear i shall kick out of the mission when the time is up. I clip so fast until my mouse can break a sweat. After the talk is over. I was left with 3 sec, as it tick down I felt hopless and rejected as i realize it was maybe too late. To my surprise. The Mission Complete appear jus after the timer hit 0 sec.  And that how i got MAD ETS. She beautiful indeed most beautiful after i recuit her.


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