Ver 4.5 SAY WHAT!!!!

I miss u all dearly but real life come first. I finally get to meet MAD ETS soon, I hope. Indeed she will be worthly wiz player to have. But can I recuit her, it may be  a problem for me. At the moment i only can use my laptop and my PC are in storage, so until i get a house and reinstall my PC. I doubt i be back soon. So you all have fun without me.

Yana is doing a great job as FL i hear, it not easy to look after a big faction. But then again, CDL is not that active as usual. I hear we not at war with the big E. I wonder why is that so. I also hear some old player pop in from time to time to chat. That good news, and good to have not been forgotten. Thanks old guard of CDL. I shall try to login to GE if i can get a chance to visit my friend house to say hi to u all. Miss U much.

Well, although i cannot login to GE i been following the GE website closely. Well beside the ver 4.5 patch. I was happy to see that they are bring back symbol and expert stance book to HCOF again. BUT to my horror, when i went in to see how many ticket i needed to exchange 1 book or a symbol, there it say need 1 GOLD ticket. I like OMG OMG OMG, is this a joke. Those play this card of chance will know that to get a GOLD ticket is like winning a 1st price in TOTO. Last dec i try to get a Gold ticket jus for Grandice ring, u know i spent how many 84K gpts, so many only IAH will know and laughing to the bank. Trust me it not worth it, u can get it from other way then in HCOF. Also remember it depend on luck ( somehow i dun believe, i felt like being scam, that hrin card is Voodoo never appear where i guess it will be) u can try 300 time and still get no Gold ticket. It like gambling. So be warn do not over spent on Gpts please. Gpts is real money so it must be spent wisely. eg. 1x 84kGpts card can get u a few mech card and u can sell them at a good price and since symbol can drop from boss hunt and Team Arena surly there be some one selling it. Like wise if this seller know symbol and book is selling in HCOF again, they will be force to sell it lower. So instead of try your luck, go for the buy / sell tactic to get what u need instead and maybe u earn some vis even along the way. HCOF is a short cut but at a high cost. Also there was a ECON promo, which one of my friend went to buy 2 x 84Gpts card for 6 scratch card. After he scratch all the 6 he say he told me it all the same pic. I was surprise but joke at him and say SURE WIN ma. So we went to exchange at Red Dot which i find the place very beautiful and so is the lady that speak to me. I felt that they should have make the exchange in Funan as the operating hour is longer then there office hour also the exchange can be done on week end instand of week day only. Well,  I also won a  T-shirt on the Green Hour event. The T was nice. I love it alot. Lastly, i went to the Licsene to Play event to check out the New Star Craft. it cost $109 per-order. I like O.O. I ask any discount. They say no but u get to play before other. LOL. I told them that in tat case I wait and see the review first. Expo was mad crowded, parking was impossible. But i was glad to see GE on the IAH stand and i try out the ver 4.5, well what can i say. it awsome. Beside GE IAH got counter strike also. Nice. U know what i regert most was, there is this promo on demo laptop use during the expo. A few i7 chip Lenavo Game laptop selling at usual $2.2K going at $1.2k only. I saw the pomo only after i reach home. I was mad like RAGING RED BULL.

I spent my Birthday without GE and alone in May. sad isn’t it. Anyway, no need to be sorry for me. I use to it already. LIFE IS BITCH. ^^ I fortune will come soon. I can feel it. U all take care. Cya.


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