MAaaaaarry Christmas to ALL

HO HO HO MAaaaaarrry Christmas CDL

First item on the table. I conducted a Live Bid last Sunday and give out many goodies. Too bad some was not there. Next time then.

Second item on the Table, DEC bid is up soon. We have 2 Aqua in the Bid so go for it.

3rd Item I kick some inactive member since they are not online for 6 months. I have to make space for new member so no choice. But if they do come back. We welcome them back.

Here is the list of those I kick.

Bambucha     09/04/07

Jakanja           09/06/22

Konohanaaa  09/06/02

Krisiulevicius 09/05/06

LiLjeLo             09/03/23

Promenado    09/06/03

Riclamir        09/05/05

Souvenior 09/05/01

Teineken  09/06/14

Vandenuer  09/01/06

4th item Dun be naughty when YANA(DFL) ask nicely to stop. OR he sure kick you.

5th item Those like to sharpen your PK can go TDA  CW at 10pm or 2pm SG time to take pot shoot at the Royalist. Since now it exp buff belong to Royal side.Remember dun Kill any one that looking to get buff only and hereby I forbid anyone who go there PK and BULLY other when it is not TDA CW time. We are not BULLY, dun be one.

6th One of our Ally have break our alliance and have now become our enemy since  they become  Royal side. One of it member ATTACK me when i go TDA to get buff ,  it was not Royal side yet and not TDA CW time also. So I question him why he attack me, he no answer and when i ask “are we ally?” he say NO. I pm their new leader but he also no reply. I have to conclude that it over and that our friendship is over. Ex ALLY name is Mil****

7th I was SCAM recently again. One new member join CDL he claim he was hack and need to start anew, so I pity him and lend him 3 elite 92 pistol. After he lvl up he quit faction with out returning me my pistol. Repeat call was ignore and he dare not face me. He has since move to join Symbol. I shall warn them about him. I hope they dun get scam like me. NAME of ex CDL is *uuu

That all for now


1 Response to “MAaaaaarry Christmas to ALL”

  1. 1 an old friend
    December 23, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    sad to see the alliance with Mill***** has been broken due to politcs

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