^^V many many GOOD NEWS

It been awhile since i write. Hope all is fine.

Let see, so many thing to say. where to start first. well let start with last weekend and work backward then.

Last Sunday nite was a interesting night, MCC3 was lead by newbie and new leader. ALL the senior was playing as mule and we cheer them on. They took nearly a hour to finally down dilos, under the guidance of our raid master and elite TA master. Although there is no symbol, i bet they are happy to down dilos Well done, Keep it up. I love TA, it help newbie lvl up and build teamwork. Best of all, after all the hard work they are rewarded with all the goodie Dilos drop. ^^V.

Next was an event that I most please. As a FL for so long, it sadden me to say that we fail so many time in Gate of Fire to a point I nearly give up hope. BUT I believe and with a newly promoted Master Musk on my side. I was going lead another attack on LAVA LEAF. Just after MCC3 we rest for awhile then all gather at the gate of fire. I was in full armor, hrin was on, wing on, trans and even spd buff is on. I was the leader I cannot dead, I buy 20 SC just in case, my health pot 15ooo in pack. It was time to visit HELL again. I berif all my member where to go H4 when all are in. And I chase anyone away from the summoning tower. So that we dun accidently destory it after i summon the Boss. I told all those bring MASTER to go head on with LAVA. And ignore the dead and wounded. U c the mob here is coming in hugh number and are mercuiless in wanting nothing more then to tear u apart. Once we start, I run to each tower to place an fire orb in each tower, after the orb is place. LAVA was summon and I lure and tank it. LAVA was tough, we fought a good 30min to down it. Many was flaten or gasses by LAVA but all was forcus on LAVA downfall. It was a good feeling. CDL first Fire weapon is a Shield. We all have a good laugh but inside each of us we know we did it. It was a good feeling. Well done all.

On CW , we did not go as I know it was going to be hell,  as reason unknow why suddenly, symbol, VQ, V, AS all turn against EMN since 2 week back. They hold on to topolo after winning it back from CDL the week before. It was nightmare there, I heard, many of them fight long and hard and use even SC but finally, it is of little use, not even imbal armor or weapon can stop the wave of attack when the whole server is against u. It was surprising they never even think of attacking LES faction colony. The ALL lady faction hold on the colony for 2 week in a role. Congrat to them.

Before I END here, I have to SAY thanks to our HERO. It long over due, Zalmoxis is now a senior member of CDL for his help when i never ask for it. He help in making last bid a sucess by unselfishly do the tally all by himself when i was away for Exam.   Also 2 weeks back when we go CW,  Sianation got the last hit on the colony tower in TOPOLO. We may have turn the tide for EMN in that one CW, since we go CW once a month, usually when it is reset. I decided to try topolo just for fun. Never expect it is the last standing ground for EMN, in fact they could have lost Topolo if not for time runout in CW. The colony HP was not visible anymore. Maybe 1 more hit it will be BB to the colony if not for the CW time up. Well done any way.^^V


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