Sunday Colony War

Hello Readers,

Im Toyoman of the LaRenouille family. I’ll bring you the happenings of CDL during the Colony war last sunday and a little bit of what happened last night.

It was already planned out that we attack Myriad after Team arena just for fun / srs bsns. Well the LaRenouille family took it as for fun thing anyway…

After the end of Team Arena MCC3 (which i wasnt able to join bec. of family dinner). Everyone geared up and got ready to attack Myriad, first camping ch2 just to gather people at the start.

After gathering everyone, we set out and moved out to the enemy. Sadly i wasnt in the gathering bec. i was at channel 1 and was first to charge the opposition screaming Guitar Heroooooooooooo!!!! lol’d

It was nice actually, Myriad had other people that went after them namely: Pacman and Les factions. But its just for a friendly war, but since CDL aint really close with Myriad others saw it as tho we were really up to go for the kill (tho that’s what i thought anyway, but i think the others wanted to get the colony hehe)

With that later on Pacman and Symbols (yes symbols._.) declared on us. With them turning red, everyone my screen turned red and i bet its the same for others aswell. With that i can conclude that “pool’s Closed” ~fun over.

Was great even tho it was just short we enjoyed the war. There was an aftermath too, some peeps stayed to fight pacman since they’re royalists but was truced later on.

A Nice War CDL! great job =)

Colony war result as posted by Ringo in sGE forums: [Link]

The map has been the same for quite some time now, my comment on this?

People lost their will i guess? even if its a loss against the major powers we should still take up arms even if you get beat up in the end, atleast you could say you never gave up / giving up.

Ah well that’s just me, after CDL gets more masters we’ll see if we can gear up to fight on a lil more stable footing.

This is Toyoman again of the LaRenouille Family, till the next post~


2 Responses to “Sunday Colony War”

  1. July 27, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    Oooh, I see me Brunie in the first pic! XD

    Rammbutt’s gone all CareBear – Vat is CW they say…?
    At least we had a little fun. B4 the Sea of Red engulfed us. (>.<)"

  2. 2 devolton
    July 28, 2009 at 2:53 pm


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