CW report

Nothing much happen, AS take pot shoot at the royalist jus for fun. Most Royalist just play sitting around waiting since nothing must to do. We did not go CW also, the only thing was we were declare by Cursader which is not the not old one. That faction on all other, so maybe he is bore also. So we entertain him for a while and he release a Froggy for us to play at VF. So nice of him. Once he had enough he truce us and i accepted it. The bad part was he go around killing afker. KAKAKKAKAKA guess KS too much. hee hee.

After CW, me and dan ninja into TDA and to our surprise, where are the guard. KAKAKAKKAKAKAKA , all decided to play the new in game event. It is fun. But very tough as U need almost 30 member to play. It is tough as I lure 50 mob after me and cannot stand and fight. Well, it is a distraction alright as the GE world now going in stable mode. It will like this for a long time to come.


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