Survival in IOF for GE AFKer

Survival in IOF can be fun and at time frustrating if got spinella by other, here is simple guide to help newbie plvl in this area, also u can become a secret plvler for your newbie faction mate.

The beauty of Bahai beach and Island of Fire is that any rnpc or main character starting at lvl 1 can reach Vet in 3 days, but there is a few hidden rule u need to follow.  Here what u must have before u go in.

1. A VET / Expert  mus wear an elite armor like lvl 84 +3DR +5( first few zone normal elite can do also) / lvl 92 ( from IOF zone 1 to 2) with very good pistol for Sighted Shot or a rifle with 1 hit KO.

2. Buy 15 refill box each for pistol and rifle, around 12 to 15 feso each

3. A set of armor for the lowbie to wear in each zone. eg. beach lvl 1 will do, IOF free zone lvl 52 / 68  elite armor is prefer, depending on which area u afk. in IOF PAy Zone 1 lvl  8o armor is prefer but once u reach 84 quickly  replace with elite armor, Finally in zone 2 u need max state armor to survice, that the lvl 84 elite armor with 3DR +5 , a Ring Mail is best for most rnpc.

4. Buy 3 days combat manual if u can afford, although the first 50 level u dun really need it.

Ok let begin with day 1 at the beach, this is my story there, u can follow or dun follow,

I (musk) arrived at the beach with my mate Baihu boyfriend (bf), I told him to take a sit at the sea sde while i pound away those star fish mob and crapy pattly. Baihu say ok with a smile and he took out his combat manual to study the sercet of martial arti. He level up very fast in 6hrs to 8hrs he was lvl 50 already, next few lvl was also very fast but since the beach highest lvl is around 60, it will start to slow down in exp lvling, once he reach 52, So i told him to put on the elite 52 armor and say that when he is 56 we move to IOF free zone. (Note u can afk any where except the mini Diablo, also it is crowded usually at night, so find a spot early help, I use up rilfe ammo very slowly since i can 1 shoot 1 hit i recall i can afk there 12 hours and still have ammo left.)

When my (bf) reach 56 he blow a kiss and we move out to IOF free zone, here is where the pet is farm and it that very spot that i choose to afk  him beside me. My rifle can still take out the mob easily so i dun change to pistol yet. I reload for the night and by morning of day 2 he was 70 plus i ask him to change to elite 68 armor. We move up to the slop where a damage colony is and where the ice doggy is. Take note it is best not to park in the center or near the colony as the ice doggy mini boss can spam suddenly, many pioneer was eaten by it. I choose a spot at the edge of the slop. This area mob is 70 plus so have to use wild beast pistol with sighted shoot for 2 fast shoot = 1 kill. make sure the mob dun attack your lowbie but using aoe to lure them to u at the beginning. I afk here but need to reload every 6 hrs with the refill, a grabber pet can be useful also. Remember u now in botter area. They can lure u character away and also put mob train to u and also release spinalle to grab your place. So play nice is the game of the rule. Dun scold any one if intent to stay long, it may be slow, but i notice ususally serious botter dun afk here too long for they also scare of ice doggy too.

Here the lvl is abit slow but in a day u can reach 84 fast. When my bf reach 80 he say he is not ready for IOF zone 1 so we stay a bit longer at  the location and he slowly gain enough lvl at 84 he told me let go in. Note in pay zone it 100k to go in, a pet is a must and also u better have enough potion, spare Soul crystal and nerve of steel. As once u go in, here is where the fun start or hell if u not prepare. In Zone 1, the mob are lvl 82 to 88 from one place to another the lvl move up, so afk in a zone that u are comfortable that the lowbie dun get kill, a golden rule, if u r lvl 84 park at 82 to 86 when u reach lvl 86 then u go lvl88 area . Here the ammo must be monitor every 3hrs and also need to follow closely, I usually hit lvl 80 by 2nd days afternoon that left 20 lvl to go for another 1.2days. U can speed up a bit if u squad with other when in there. Any way, i usually park at the slop as that is a place usually where the treasure hunt is, so when it is time for teasure hunt, start detect ASAP. If u have parther go in, go straight to the damage colony at the last part of the zone 1. I afk here till my bf is 92.

Next zone is zone 2 and it cost 500k to go in. Well, here is where it can be hell for many as all fight for space in the last part as this area drop lvl 100 chip. Also some moron will spinalle u to get the space. To be on the safe side afk near the slop in the last part of zone. Again see who is around, as a small disunderstanding can cause a spinalle war. eg, some one report u as botter. Keep a area of 2 fire range of musk away from other. AFk but check abt 2 hrs and also keep the ammo full all the time. VET on end of 3rd day.

here is some trick i learn how to handle those spinalla release against u.

1) make sure u know who release, lure the spinalla back to them and then relog if cannot like in IOF then dun fire at the spinalla let the sabo king fire at it by mistake and it will go after them. let it hit u if u can tahan the hit a good boss have good drop item. a Expert who has very good armor can tank all BOSS.

2) IF u spot a CAT family or a Viki that summon Treasure golmn, lure it to them will help also.

3) If all fail out run away from the boss. or lure it away to another place then out run it.

Hope this help. ^^V


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