Last 2 nights, i invited 2 factions to join us to raid Garim as we leak of manpower. I hereby thank them (Les and S.M.J.L.) for their help and will invit them again once we are ready to take down Garim. Very Unfortunate our 2 attempts fail to take down Garim, but all agree that it was great fun but a bit fustrating in the end. CDL did not go CW last night, as we don’t want to attract those killer bee to our raid and spoil our fun.

Here is a short account of what we did and saw inside.

On SAT we gather at 9.30pm at the Vegas J ch1 at F11 infornt of the Seal Stone. The Raid started late as one of the raid member realise she did not have enough Reputation Points to go into zone 2. So we all help out by going to VF to help farm mob from colony mission for  reputation pts since squad kill count is share by all, that mean if i kill a mob all get 1 kill points. VF have one of the lowest Kill count to complete Colony Hunt mission. (200 only)

Once she got enough, we gather back at Vegas J and I break the seal, once the gate is open, we all went in, and i realise the quest can take 30 people inside it is those Trinty mission. A lot man.

Zone 1

Once we enter, I SCREAM OUT LOUD, King Of Greed who was standing right  infront of the zone 2 warp gate. Since KOG is undead,  use Silver Stiker on it best, we attack it once we are buff up with Anti Magic Shield and Lave Plasma plus the usual intenify, acc and Med. As there is no other mob around we take care of  KOG very quickly and cast Provoke work here. Once we clear him we enter the gate to zone 2 but u need 500 reputation to go through.

Zone 2

This is a Y area, here there are human mob and Fire turret and before the warp gate  a Pollox Boss, the one you find in high ST. The Boss is easy to kill, it is the mob and turret and at the Y junction that is a killer. Our Sat outing Raid stop at the Y junction when we accidentally got all our scout kill. SC dun work in here. We try a second attempt on Sunday night, this time after we enter we send Tanks to lure the human mob one by one into our killing zone(away from Turret range). We  make mince meat out of them, once the mob is clear we attack the cannon and clear it. Once any mob attack the tank, it will be lure to a killing zone as it is not wise to kill the mob when the cannon is firing at you all the time. At the Y juntion we turn left and I and Yana clear the near right side turret to prevent them hitting those running through. We use this method very effectively. We make short work of Boss. Dan went in and give all clear for us to go into zone 3.

Zone 3

Now we are high, as we are so close to the DINO boss. this zone is like zone 1 , I forget the name of this boss but it remind me of the 3 boss with Rayan and Noiva at Ice Tower for Gravin quest. Boy, this boss it tough, we took almost 30min to down him. Once we down it a warp will open in center of the zone. remember to keep scout out of the killing zone or the boss aoe one hit sure kill.

Sorry i did not count how many expert and vet went in. on Sat, there is 11 of us and i think 5 of us are Expert,  then on Sun we got 15 of us and 7 Expert,  so it was very fast on Sunday.

Zone 4

The guide say to protect a crystal, we enter and saw it. The path is very small, it is narrow corridor and in the center is a BIG crystal and there is a KOG inside and only 300HP, protection of crystal for 10min was the most important or else once KOG is release the area inside is so small there is no way to escape its AOE. We station half of the Raid member on each side the crystal and prevented the mob trying to break KOG out of the crytal. Once sucessful, the crystal will disappear and a warp will appear.

Zone 5

Dino Doggy Garim is HELL tough, we hardly dent it after we throw every thing at it, it recover HP was hell fast too. Anti magic spell here is a constant must or else you will be curse and cannot move once been curse and ice defense buff is a must. We try for 45min and finally give up as we have too many tanks and not enough dps user, musketeer, not fast enough to drop it hp quick. It is like Chimera in PY. Well if Garim is easy it will not be fun right. We happily left the map but i know all want to finish it again. I promise U , we will do it. We not only upgrade, we improve also.

ON a side note, if u able to kill Garim, it will drop a lot of lvl 100 and 92 chip and elite 84 rcp plus rare LN recipe also. A treasure chest will also appear but you to buy the mystery key in the cash shop to open it, it not grantuee to give good item, so bewarn.



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  1. 1 Anon
    April 6, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Nice, but this blog needs more pics!

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