Here is a step by step account on how i get into Occult Hell and come out alive.

1)On Sunday morning I saw Mizunosan(aka MS) broad for Occult Squad, so i join in since i wanted to go for a very long time. I went buy the following item, 40 Soul Crystal, 20 trans-filler, 9999 tofu 1000 mana potion and 10 hrin 1hr potion. I have Lucifer wing on also. There is a total of 6 family if i recall correctly.

2) it was 10am so it is night in Zeia DAY/NIGHT land, i bring along 5 Te to enter OCCULT, go in team include my Expert Claude, Musk and Romina as advice by MS, all my team weapon have 3AR and my Claude use a AR 32 PA. But my armor is only elite 92 and without any additonal DR at all but all +5.

3)at 10.30am, the Occult team gather at the gate of HELL, once ready we move in, once enter it was a big empty hall, there we drink Hrin potion, Trans-filler and Buff UP everything we got.

4) We begin to start the run through the 3 rooms of hell, i realize it is best to run seperately as the 1st team run into the first room, only 2 guard chase after him then follow by me also 2 guard follow me. Unfortunately, they r fast, note that it is AOE hit from the headless guard, if he catch up to u and able to slash u, those near u will get hit also, so dun run in group. RUN like mad and eat TUFU dun stop dun control, i burn 250 on that run but worth it.

5) I was surprise all 3 of my main was alive from the 1st room but barely alive, the next 2 room is HELL, but i discover a way to go around it, here prepare to die together sure die one , i mean as your own family,  but not too close to one another so u know where r they. I use 3 SC here to get through. Once u pass the headless guard, try to keep close to the wall where the cannon is. Now, beware, the spike trap here is nasty, if u are hit by it u can get immobilize for 10 sec. Also immediately after u use SC the trap will spring out , so when u enter this room, go by the center of the door, then turn 45 degree after the door head to the wall where the cannon is. then run along the wall, if u get hit by slow spell from the cannon run to in between the 2 cannon and wait out the slow spell fade away. Take note there is 2 trap jus before and after the door, this trap can trap u forever,  avoid immediately run to wall after and before the door. I learn the hard way when i return to rez some of the member. I discover the door trap too late and my Claude got trap and cannot escape, i have to use 10 SC to get him out, if trap by spike area check which direction is the main char facing. RUN that direction once u use SC. As the trap will have 1sec delay before it hit u again, so dun turn around and run back jus run forward where he is facing to avoid the trap. It may or may not work depend on your luck.

3) After the room of hell, the whole corridor is where all the elder Kcouch are. BOY THEY ARE BIG, and also hard to kill. The mob here is like the mob outside Occult, 1 big mob with 3 small mob, the Elder is the Big mob. we run to H8 topside but make a big mistake, we lure too many mob with us, so we all die together a few time here, but later we found a corridor with no mob in it and we start to lure them in 1 by 1 in to kill. It work, i finish my quest easily. Together with 2 other, 1 family quit as he was not able to get out from the 1st room, MS and another was not able to get the diary but complete killing 10 elder, we suspect it was not the last hit but the most dmg. so bring a heavy tanker which can do the most damage, is a must. Also the corridor where no mob, is also a place where the mob will not run in with u as, it will run away once u run too far in. SO the most important lessons here is when u are clear from the trap run. RUN TO the corridor where H8 is join to H9 the center corridor lower part of H8. ALso dun run back and get trap again, only 2 family have full team, me n one other family, 1 family only remain ATP , MS lost his main wiz but have 2 wiz with him  and the last family remain only his female elementise but BOY she sure can tank man. at least 1 sco must be alive or else SC will be enough. Note u cannot open Permuim shop in Occult i try not able to work, also warp to random area dun work also.

I complete my quest at 2pm as i stay and try my very best to help MS and the another family to finish their quest. Elder after Elder, i take down most of the HP and let them get the last hit, it fail to work, we try this for the next 3 hrs but finally they thanks me and give up. Even though i am happy to get NAR after that, my heart was still sad that MS and 2 other fail to complete.I will say without them i will not get NAR at all,  i bow in thks for their help.

Anyway, in the future anyone need help from me from CDL to go in Occult let me know, I will arrange and bring U in. Other can join in. will be glad to help out. BUT BE READY TO DIE A FEW TIME. Next character is Helena for the circus SHE IS EVEN MORE HOT then Ania. OUCH OUCH OUCH, my ear, ok ok sorry, Fengling MY DEAR WIFE is the HOTTEST.


1 Response to “NAR NAR NAR”

  1. 1 Raghnall
    March 19, 2009 at 9:23 am

    Hies Dev,

    Thank you for the write up… I dont think I’ll be able to go through occulta with so many challenges inside… T..T

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