Time Fly went having FUN

Hi All again, for the pass few week, i was busy finding way to lvl up my mus to expert. Most tell me the best way is to use BOT (HELL NO WAY)or go AT at Skullic. I did not like AT Skullic for 2 reasons it was small and cramp, 2nd of all, too many ppl inside. One of my faction mate suggest go AT Bahama, i ask him is there one. Yes, he reply me, so off i went to see how Bahama AT look like, when i reach there, i saw this clown npc who ask me to help him hunt 800 broken tooth from AT mob(me become dentist), if i know it was 800 i never would have accepted it . Anyway, i accepted (took me 3 AT to complete and for what, a 12hr cinderalla armor which i have ton of it in ABS recently but no DHR yet) and i walk to AT wrap portal and activate my scroll, once enter ,1st look it was like the underground in Peril, the mob are the same. I told myself i enter hell, since i have try to afk in underground b4, there is no way i can afk here, but guess what, i can. To my surprise, it was a nice place to afk easily and it was big and wide and not too dark as compare to AT skullic. Of course, i can afk in AT ,  i was wearing elite 84 armor with 3dr or 2dr, ever since elite 92 is out, ppl is desperately selling away the old armor to buy material to craft 92 elite armor.  So with good armor and weapon, i find nice spot to afk, bet U never guess who show up in front of me, KOG. Jus when i was abt to be wipe, 3 claude appear and whip that KOG in matter of minutes. I KS the drop item and saw i got skullic Great sword. He got BDR. BDR , my eye open big big man. I cannot believe it drop here. To make more unbelieveable, KOG drop 4 treasure chest, within he got gold bar, bellom and 2 lvl 96 Bracalets . I dismiss it as he is lucky. So i decided to move to another spot to avoid KOG, there i spent 5 Days and Night to lvl my mus to expert, he went in at lvl 6 at 50%. I must say bahama AT have the fastest lvling to expert, u can even speed up by using 1 day Combat manual, Exp boost at the colony in Tirra MAp at KING GARDEN. In peril, i need to kill 1 mob to get 0.0010% in VF i need 2 mob to up 0.0001% in AT 1 mob is 0.0050% easily, I see my exp bar shoot up so fast. Also My pet pick up ton of goodie in AT bahama. HAmmer, elite recipe most 84, controller, lvl 96 to 80 unique weapon or armor, also the famous palidin mace, when is selling like hot cake for NAr to use. Best use of pet is when afk, one night it use abt 40% pet food. When i grind i dun use pet even that in 1 hrs of grinding i can get 13 to 15item. I guess when u are in high lvl area or map pet is a must. Even in Peril i got old chesse piece when i afk. The pet recover it pet food cost easily. I am now in a chat group, and i meet many nice people. There is always something to talk about, i miss those day in CDL. Now finally, my mus is expert, i be going for a break.hmmmm who expert next, tempted to expert a elementist. hmmmmmm……………

CDL is going for a outing soon. Hope all find Love this Valentine day, i am still single. KAKAKAKKAKA…………^^V


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