Before we usher in the new year, the new ver 3.0 will come in this coming week, after the pass 2 weeks, the lag in GE is driving madness for many of us.  Wonder will it be like this with ver3 , if so,  many of us will be go play other game during the long holidays. Hope IAH solve this lag soon.

To the rest of the world, the year of the Cow may be a year where many may cut back in playing due to the world crsis and new committent. Even worst, many may head toward other game, as GE is getting harder to support with gpts. Also the content is getting dry up soon, as it is heading toward Korean version and we may be 2 or 3 ver behind them. Wonder after Selva what next then. I am not saying I dun like GE, I love GE a lot as i supported the game from open beta til now. I try other game but hardly any one have give me a hard to leave feeling like GE, but as time like this, i have to be wise in my spending and best use of my time.  Anyway, hope IAH do some thing to resolve the lag and also inject some life back into GE soon.

Went to PY with a Orisis member and we got 3 ores in total, and total 40 sunstone tonight. It was fun , i bet with him on who get the most Sunstone and i lose but i got 2 ore instead. That better then PK it is a win win case. DAM those feso item is so expensive. AND WORST some item can only be brought by feso. I try to sell item for  feso but it is useless, as feso is hard earn so naturally people only spent when the good is worth buying and cheap. GO SEE MM n c how many item is sold in feso. I personally think the feso system need to be refine. IT SUX big time for now. Imagine in ver 3.0 there is more item need only feso then can get. I think i quit better then to go hunt feso.

HAppy Chinese New Year to ALL again.


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