Low level PY(max lvl 71) and ST(max Lvl 91)

Hi all

Last week we, sniffy, agg and me when into this low lvl super fight to hunt for sunstone over the overly crowded and unfriendly high lvl superfight. We hurl in a lot of items. So if u like not to PK and want feso come join us.

In PY there is Chieftain mini BOSS and Treasure Golmn BOSS. They drop lvl 68 chip and old hero seal (need 3 to make one hero seal if i m not wrong)  unique and normal item highest lvl 72(if i m not wrong) is also drop from this boss. Mostly we hunt mob for sunstone (1k feso each)and ore to sell, and exchange for feso. Sometime boss will drop Moonstone (10k feso each). As long as u are lvl 68 and can wear elite armor, u can tank all boss in PY. Same go to ST, elite 84 armor is enough. Of course, elite weapon will make fast menic meat out of them.

In ST there is the Warkaten ( Deserted Quay mini Boss) i call aka curry fish head with gun and biggy HILL GIANT. they drop lvl 84 chip and old hero seal, Unique and normal weapon and shield highest lvl is 92 items. Sniffy got the most stone. cannot disclose how many here but trust me ALOT.

I notice in PY  there is about 3 to 4 ore drop. But Usually i see our squad get 2 the most in ST, so not sure why??? Also why is there no elite item drop in superfight for this low level. hmmmmmm very strange.

Other Note

Welcome new cub PowerMaster and a old member rejoin us, Mr. Q

I tell u more abt CW tomorrow.


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