Auch POLICE LADY incomplete! Unfair treatment spotted!!!!

Hee hee, I m serious! Why? I found they do injustise to Auch Police Lady. Dun u ever call me evil or pervert as I M NOT, it so happen that one day, when i was running my family back to Auch to buy ammo with her with my 2 mus.  A sudden lag (as most of us r experiencing now a day even in town. Never see so bad lag b4) and i lost control of the window, as i try to move my mouse around to see if i can control the rotation of the view. About 6  to 7 sec later the connection was back and what i saw cannot be disclose openly, it was pure accidental. I HAVE ONE QUESTION for the designer of GE, WHY AUCH POLICE LADY Legs is INCOMPLETE!!!!! WHY dun complete it??????? UNFAIR TREATMENT or is she not worth to be in GE? IF so why put her in? Or why dun give her pant instand of skirt??????? WHY SHE SO INCOMPLETE?????

On another note, I like to welcome


to our club. ^^V

Also, I have got Claire finally, it was a place Sniffy introduce and it is just below the memorial statue at the bend toward Rio. It was on the 10th day of camp in Bona that when my Auch lady reach lvl 64 and was abt to whack some chicken that i start to get my ore. both of the ore within 24. I use all non vet Auch lady was lvl 65, sco was 84 and Lisa was 92. Sniffy also complete her collection of ore that day. Yet i feel sad that one of our DFL who camp in Bona with me at the beginning , till today still waiting for the last ore. I pray he get it soon. In fact all of us pray he get her soon.

Some news on elite 92 armor.

Suddenly my armor is useless now as ABS is giving away elite 92 recipe in dozen and more n more are having it. All because IAH want us to whack ice Queen in Ice tower so that the queen can visit us. So those ppl who can top up gpts and then try their luck on AbS. The chances of getting it very high now.


It was fun, I declare on ENM n symbol. b4 tat i try my luck at KING map too bad tm got it, so i run to 2 location mainly Katovic Snowfield n Bona. Lag and LAg got me use SC many time. I try to PK but was useless as the RED DOT all use expert and have very good armor and weapon. hee hee i need to pick up my PK skill also. Did kill a few but mostly i got killed. It was the last 15min that we see many faction declare on one and other, but i like the best was at Katovic, ENM use a tactic i call chopping tree. It simple whack a piller till it remain 5% hp then wait for last 5 to 6 min before CW is over to finish it off, but AS saw it coming and use a 1000 high lvl spinelle on  them. It work, there was no way to capture the piller as too many mob there killing everyone. Another tactic that back fire was the KNOCKING on Heaven Piller to lure AS away from there objective. 2 ENM family spotted at bona which belong to AS then. they jus take pot shoot at the piller. We try to pk the 2 but got whack , apperantly is high lvl. I nearly whack the red ele to hell. Dam those wing she wearing.  At the end Templer and Recon came and declare on AS and i suspect AS let them take the piller as i dun see AS coming at all. Overall, i n a few member have fun in CW. Hope to c more going CW.


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