Jack at the Rabbit Tree

There was a story about a farmer who was on his way home when a rabbit run into his path, trip over and knock itself out cold when it bump into a tree. The farmer was happy as he got an easy meal. The next day the farmer decided to sit there and wait for another rabbit.

Well, it is strange that sometime how simple this story is that it really surprising to see that it can also happen in real life. In my case, it is waiting for the unknown ore that needed for Claire quest. I have camp almost 7 days at Bona and still get ZERO. I have change location, squad with other and even go solo for 1 ,2 days. Some of our guy completed the quest already. Even my Auch Soldier Lady is lvl up nicely to lvl 62 as of this morning since i created her last Friday.

I decided tonight to stop afk there whole night and start to grind my other member to vet first, then before i sleep, i will park my lowbie there just for the night. That way i dun neglect my other family need.

This elite chicken is wasting too much of my family time in Bona. Hope you all dun waste too much time there. I dun mean u must quit but go enjoy the rest of the GE first then use spare time for farming that ore.


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