Claude laugh at DEVO “HAHAHAHA-U think it is so EASY!”

Ya I m imagining Claude laugh out loud at me for farming for unknown ore at Bona river for 4 days now and i still get nothing from those elite chicken. But I want Clarie badly so i m determine to get that ore at all cost. It is heart aching to afk whole day n night and get ZERO. Well that how GE work. Torment of the mind and see if u give up easy or not. 2 of out guys got Claire Congrat and i can safety conclude that it is not a squad share quest. So it is down to dumb luck and U NEED A LOT OF IT. There is a saying when u give up u did not know that the ending is jus around the bend. I really hope to get her, even i have to plvl all the rnpc that i have not create. I jus make a Auch Lady soldier and she already lvl 50 now. I even miss CW totally afriad to lost my spot in Bona. That is the will or stupidity, up to u to say. I learn from life that the harder i get it, the more i will treasure it. ^^V Claire I will not let u down and I HATE ALL CLAUDE!!!!!!!!


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