LoudSpeaker now a Perm item

Those like to broad on GE world will now find that they need spend real gpts (if i m not wrong) to buy loudspeaker. BOOOOOOO to IAH. No more broad war. T.T

On the other hands, those Vis Market seller that usually spam non stop until we get use to it, is now completely gone. Guess the change from vis to gpts work well against this seller as i think they dun want to use $$$$. For that, top mark on this idea for IAH. ^^V

So u see every thing u done can have good n bad return.

I collect my pet egg last nite at the IOF cave and hv 5 more spare. Remember to place someone over the egg and continue to click on the egg after all the puffer is kill and when mother puff say “roll”, u dun need to kill mother puffer jus all the small puffer.  I still felt like a murderer for killing the mom mom puff to get her egg, i will have bad dream for that. U c i love cute bear, they look like them, remember Gummy bear, I love watching that cartoon a lot when i was young, so when i saw we have to kill bear and those cute puff, it hurt me alot. Can IAH stop teaching us to be animal murberer? I doubt so, as it is a game. I hope u all don’t have fix idea that all bear are bad and KILL them is the best way out. Remember this, before human walk this earth, they walk b4 u do. They r wild as nature make them to live in this hard world.

I also got The arrow headed lady, close up she look very good. BUT HELL EXPENSIVE to get her, need 50 pots of Mystery Powder. Guess what happen to beach at Biaha. RIGHT OVER CROWDED of her clone.

Where is Claire?????? IAH why why why??????? u like to torment me. Not release yet……. T.T

Over all the new patch is GREAT.


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