better late than never

Colony War Report

There is none for CDL as we did not participate. Our reason? Not enough active people. =) We are still going through some restructuring so I expect CDL won’t be able to participate for a while… but worry not! We will be back and ready for some bloodlust. =D

Oh yeah, last week’s report is missing. Our reason (or excuse or whatever) was that we didn’t want to lose our colony (assuming if we won one) to the ongoing CW bug. I think it was Avalon who lost a colony and another faction lost another colony…or maybe it was both…but two colonies got “glitched” and it quite painful seeing that. Imagine, fighting, winning, then losing your grand prize the next second. x_X Yeah…CDL ain’t going through that crap till IAH fix that…though it did not happen this CW, so maybe it got fixed? @_@

As always, here’s the link for the general report. Le´ Çonquistador is a new faction, made of ex-members from other factions, but most noticeably from What and Sovereign. =) All the best to you guys, and our worst during CW. Mwwaahahahahaa, more ppl to kill. *lightning flashed*

Economy Report

RMT broads are still down. There was a moment it was back up, but good old dependable IAH (first time dependable and IAH use in a sentence, lol) put it to sleep right away. =) Let’s hope that continue. Broad spamming…is so undesirable. They really should put in a feature to make the system text stop appearing on the left of the screen, and not appear at all. =P

Anyway, if you guys notice, ever since the RMT broads stopped, players have regained their confidence in selling Cash Shop items. =D Though, don’t be expecting those prices to decrease. Cash Shop items are the most resilient of item to deflate. A fellow player beat me to it, and so here are the pricechecks for CS items

Low > 1 gpt = 27000 viz
High > 1 gpt = 35000 viz

Common Cash Items

Barrack Slot > 29.7m / 38.5m
Vet Scroll > 118m / 150m
Expert Scroll > 148.5m / 192.5m
Merc License > 405m / 525m

E Booster > 14.85m / 19.25m
E Tranq > 5.94m / 7.7m
Mys Powder > 5.94m / 7.7m

Source: seasparkzz in this thread.

Meanwhile, people are losing confidence in ABS… so expect lv100 items to increase in price. Though right now, the inflation remained minimal. The Ziz, Behe, and Levi Bracelets are decreasing in supplies. Grab them while you still can before they reach back to last month’s prices…though me telling you that will probably make rise in prices faster… but oh well, first come, first serve.

Overall, the big picture of the economy…has been quiet. Major changes did happen, but there’s lot less trading on the market manager compare to last’s week. Broad-trading remains stable and strong as ever… since this month’s start.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to buy low, sell high… now is the time to do it. =) This is the calm before the storm. I expect things will back to its busy-bee self once the new versions hit sGE. =D

Fishing in the IAH Forum

Sharp Gold posted a thread in GE forum (which got deleted like 5 minutes later, posted another one…deleted again) that they’re not behind the duping. A few of their vis sellers are behind it. Blah blah, they wanna keep sGE going on to keep their business depends on it…. blah blah blah, IAH sux and needs to be better. Though one thing they did mention that the banning has been effective against the RMT business… now, whether this was actually Sharp Gold itself posting or a user making spam or something remains indeterminable.

Good side? IAH’s effort have been effective against RMT. Bad side? IAH and IMC still sux…needs more work..LOTS of work. Middle side? Business as usual. Remember, greed is the incentive.

Right now, flaming has decrease. Spamming as well. There’s still alot of blaming…forum’s still in the drama tsunami. =P

Oh yeah, MPT (iah’s staff member) mentioned IAH did not give up on the MBB. They submitted the list beginning of May and have not heard word back from IMC then… damn you, IMC!!! Maybe rejected again? For once, I love IAH for this. They are “very generous” in the MBB choices, it just IMC that thinks the items are imba and hurt freeloaders…but then again, IMC shouldn’t have make the game to be so Cash Shop heavy in the first place. Such…hypocrites. T_T booo IMC. =P But seriously, the only reason the choices so far have been so-so cuz of IMC. Read this -> not IAH’s fault. IMC’s fault. the end.


3 Responses to “better late than never”

  1. 1 Yanagiba
    May 27, 2008 at 6:15 am

    Teh RMT are back.

  2. 2 nevereden
    May 27, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    i meant the rmt broads. they stop. but rmt itself haven’t stop…

  3. June 2, 2008 at 12:37 am

    I love the economy report… Every so and then its a helpful report to remind us whats the market price and interesting facts about the current market.

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