no news is good news

Gaming Tip

I stumbled on a GE-player’s blog, containing alot of useful tips that’s still revelant to now and forever. Link is here. It’s Starstorm’s blog, and my favorite tips include how to extract music from GE’s folder located on my C-drive and the alt codes for those special characters. =)

The best is the fact that I finally figure out that it doesn’t matter if the equipment have enchantments or not, if you break it, you still receive a chip as a consolation. Yes, that’s right. Breaking a clean equipment will give you a chip…. hurrah! …took me long enough to figure that out. ^^”

In conjunction with this tip, it is best for you to powerlevel in Bahia and Island of Fire where the drop rate is higher and enchantment chips drop is possible. Currently, one level 84 chip go for 2-3mil each on Carracci. That will more than enough pay for your keys in the IoF’s paid zones. =D That whole island is a treasure island…beside the fact that it’s also a great place to powerlevel (assuming if you’re using vet/pert).

The Noob Comic

Okay, totally not GE-related, but it’s funny. This is a webcomic dedicated to everything that’s wrong in the world of mmorpg, from the egotisitc elitist to the needy newbies to the sadistic game-masters. Basically, it’s about this player who decided to buy a mmorpg called “ClichéQuest” (best damn title for all mmorpg, imo) and throughout his adventures, he deals with the stereotypes, both good and bad, in mmorpg in a hilarious fashion!

Like for example, in one episode, the topic is about how female characters always dress in sexy, cleavage-showing armors…that doesn’t offer any protection whatsoever if the armor was real-life armor… or in another episode, how the GM ban the wrong person and ignores the baddies… and how pkers are nothing more but sadistic bastard geeks who lack the muscle to be bullies in real life.

Here’s the link. The front site shows the current episode. Trust me, reading this webcomic is time well wasted. =D It’s a reat support to keep you going and gaming and grinding away, realizing that no matter how much you grind to become high level, how hard you farm, enhance, and enchant to make your imba-haxor equipments… you’ll never be that powerful in real life…. >.<”

Guaranteed for a LOL. [/ends shameless advertising]


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