a look on the positive side

Answer from IAH

Okay… so just alot of copy-paste from the forum if you’re currently avoiding the forum right now due to the flaming, complaining, and all out spamming. (that rhyme… i rhyme alot lately. =P)

Dear all,

please let us clarify happened over the past weeks.

We have noted all the posts written by you guys with regards to the following issues and we would like to address them one by one:-

1. Botting Issue
Over the past weeks, we have actively banned and suspended more than 500 RMT offenders who have stored huge amount of VIS ill-gotten from botting. We have realized that it is not efficient to be simply banning the botters, we had to look at the root of the problem. This is an on-going battle, and we did not spare resources in fighting it.

2. Duping Issue
The entire issue was logged, investigated and escalated to IMC almost immediately when it was reported. We take this very seriously and have tried to re-surface the process many times. However, both IMC and IAH have not been able to re-create the duplication bug. I plead with anyone with actual steps and have successfully performed the bug to PM me directly. We will not take any action against your account once we verify you as a bug reporter.

3. Lengthy & Extended Maintenance
Having a lengthy maintenance does not benefit IAH at all. We deploy a huge group of engineers to work around the clock in order to shorten each of the maintenance. Each of the maintenance are planned with tasks lined up properly. However, managing 300 servers requires time and effort. The previous 36 hours maintenance was performed at the recommendation of our partners and it was aimed at optimizing the network structure. Though the process was rehearsed and planned, certain issues arised in the midst, out of our expectation. (It absolutely torn the hearts of these engineers that despite their sleepless 36 hours of toil, IAH is still deemed to be giving up on GE.)

4. Connection Issues
We encountered this connection problem more than 2 weeks ago. All available details have been shared with the developer and they are helping us to look into it. We also performed checks on our side to ensure that it is not related to bandwidth and ISP issues. We felt absolutely helpless answering all the tickets sent in with regards to the issue. We apologise sincerely to these players who are interrupted in their game play.

5. Sending complaint emails to management or other related authorities
With each of the emails you guys submitted, our team have to prepare a reply and answer to the relevant parties. To be honest, we would rather be putting all our efforts in helping to resolve these issues at hand.

As the management of the game, we have invested endless hours and effort into making the game a better one. If we have failed in our attempts, then we seek to do better by trying harder again. We do need your constructive feedback, if you know what I mean.

Team G.E

direct from this post.

Okay so, despite all the negativity that been surrounding IAH’s questionable management, we do have to give them some credit. The RMT broads have stopped ever since the banning…and have continue to stopped. Better late than never, I suppose. =) As for the duping, it’s no wonder nothing happened cuz both IAH and IMC have no idea how it works! Though, I guess the reason they haven’t banned those dupers yet is because I guess they think that one of them “might” develop a conscience and would tell IAH and IMC about the duping steps…. I know, sounds really far-fetched. But eh… *shrugs*

Well, I’m happy with this post right now. IAH is admitting its ineffective and inefficient management, that’s a step towards recovery. I think we really do need to give IAH a break… I think the reason we believe they don’t do anything is because IAH staff hardly post in the forum and it’s not like there’s a webcam where we can see their engineers and programmers doing these stuff… As players, we’re kind bordering on dysfunctional…I don’t know, stalkerish disorder if there’s such a thing.

Maintenance Compensation

So we’re getting 50% increase exp as compensation for the unexpected, extended maintenance. This compensation will last till next maintenance…or thursday, 29 May 2008. =P

If you’re not using manuals already, you will notice the difference… if you are using manuals and you’re already vet, all you will see is an extra 0.0001% … but hey, it’s better than nothing. At veteran level, take what you can get and don’t bitch about it. ^_-

Lullaby of Lost Souls…

So, a small part of the maintenance is to prep the server for the v2.6 patch. Hrin posted some pictures of the new area. *Copy-paste from her post*

Where is this new area located? It’s after the Bahamas’ dungeon. You see a regular area, lv118-122, and then Chaos Requiem… lv120-130. This obviously for Expert to Master characters… O.o The history of this zone as Hrin posted is that it used to be a peaceful area know as “The Giant’s Land” till something bad happened (most likely to Vespanola and its conspirators, remember Montoro and Joaquin Prison and the Zombie Experiments?) and it became shrouded in poisonous gases… turning everything into stones. =P

Wow… so yeah, Master promotion is coming sooner than we thought… O.o … um, join the botters? XP *faint*

source: this thread. thanx Mikau for the worldmap screenshot. =)


2 Responses to “a look on the positive side”

  1. 1 sawamatsu
    May 23, 2008 at 3:45 am

    the giant is the map, you will fight inside it ><

  2. 2 nevereden
    May 23, 2008 at 10:30 am

    …i hope the dungeon’s exit isn’t the giant’s butthole…

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