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Today’s news are additional information to the old news. I won’t rehash, so please read our old news (or Sannpomiti’s news) if you want to make good sense of the new details below. =)

Treasure Trove

This is what the brave card looks like:

A few screenshots of the room..

New details include

  • Kill the treasure-chest maiden for 100 quest items
  • Exchange the quest items to Ivan Popovich npc for a Treasure Box
  • Open Treasure Box for a Lv84-100 Enchantment Chips.
  • If you wait 1-2 months to open the treasure box, the reward becomes a Moonstone (which is apparently an uber-rare jewel for the Socket System if you gotta wait that long)

The reward for this mission is not appealing at first impression… but it is another way to attain chips and jewels to enchant and socket your equipments. The other ways are to break your equipments for chips, receive them from various quest (like Viki’s and Gavin’s), or pick them up from drops in Bahia or raid bosses. So I expect players will be farming for these chips like they do with Pure Otite in Land of the Dead. Once this is release in sGE, it is most likely we will see a relief of the crazy demand for chips…. 50mil for lv100 chip? crAzzy! O.o *cough* buyers are botters*cough* teehee. ^_^V

source: here

Pet Go Poopy

So my guess was right! You will have to feed your pet once every hour. I’m psychic…now obey me *sends out mind-controlling waves* What the screenshot above means that 200 pet feeds cost 480k fesos…. O.o May seems like alot, but we have yet to find out how many gpoints equals to how many fesos. Remember! Fesos act like vis and gpoints in one currency. =X If you want to do another guess… I think the conversion will be 10 fesos = 1 gpoints. =P So 200 pet feeds will cost you 48k gpoints in my guess-mode. Again, tis a GUESS! =D

Oh yeah, I was wrong about talking to the miner npc in Rebold to start the quest… you talk to him in Bahia. The whole quest takes place on Bahia Island. Worry not! You will not have to go to any of the Island of Fire’s paid zones to do this. Go to the free zone, locate a rock and you’ll be warp into a cave. =)

Careful! That’s the Glover’s mother… so yeah, the quest involves you stealing an egg from its rightful owner. =P Well, yeah, you gotta kill the mother first. Think Bambi, that Disney movie, hurrah! You get to be the hunter shoots Bambi’s mom! XP

source: here

IMC? Greedy? No way!

That was sarcasm if you did not catch on. Anyway, Sannpomiti list the many ways (or schemes) that IMC disguise this game as “f2p” …

  • In order to progress the game as veteran, you got to have better equipments. In order to acquire these equipments, you got to pay the Old Man Mystery Powder to enter Land of the Dead to farm for Pure Otite.
  • All the new RNPCs released lately, except for Clare and Karjalanein, have required Mystery Powder and/or other “small”-price items to receive their character card.
  • The gap between freeloaders and paid-users continue to widens as those who can afford FT/AT and the good-bonus back costumes (Horns of Baphomet, Lucifer Wing, etc…) attain veteran and expert status more easily.
  • Bahama’s equipments requires Cash Shop items in their recipes…
  • Not only so, paid-users have better equipments because they can use Enhancement Boosters and Enchantment Tranquilizer (and later on, Socket Preservative).

Basically, progression above level 100 in Granado Espada is next to impossible. It is undoable without using veteran promotion scroll. You simply have to use real life money for GVC for those scrolls or use vis… which legitimately, it would quite an insurmountable task to gather that much… which can persuade ppl to think it’s okay to bot. Beside those scrolls, you got have AR/DR capable-equipments to take on higher level monsters… all of those equipments originating from the use of GVC (either Cash Shop or Adelina’s Booty Search).

It seem perhaps GE going f2p was not in the best interest of the players. Many players, myself included, thought f2p would be better… of course, we did not realize the use of Cash Shop would be so heavy at veteran status. Yikes! =X


It’s taking longer than before… I suggest you wouldn’t go to the General Chat forum section right now unless you want to see 10 of them similar threads talking about it. =P But oh yeah! The forum is back online now. ^_^

More Musings of Martial Art

BTW, I forgot to explain why Chapter of Earth is Savate-inspired and Chapter of Ice is Tai Chi…

Well, Jean-Pierre only have the Bareknuckle and CoE stance. He’s French. What martial art do the French have? Savate. =P And there you go.

Chapter of Ice is Tai Chi. The way she [Feng Ling] stands when casting her self buff and also the way she finishes her atomic skill gives it away and also the way she throws her spin kick.

So yeah, it isn’t Kung Fu or Karate or whatever. =P

Fixing the Config Window

It’s too big, and IAH didnot do anything to fix it. Don’t know why it’s so hard to get out notepad and rewrite the codes. x_X Anyway,Yagu, our forum moderator, says it’s okay to use SotNW’s config window for sGE…

This is what low-screen resolution users suffer. Telling to up their screen resolution is stupid if they’re using an old monitor. *roll eyes*

This what SotNW’s config looks like… btw, that is the actual size of how it shall appear on your monitor…. Compare this to the screenshot above… Anyway, the link to download SotNW’s config is here.

Source: this forum thread. thank you for Yagu for approving it. thank you viper17 for giving us SotNW’s download link. =)

Oh yeah..also this:

Edit: Copy the file to your GE/release folder. You may want to rename the original to have a backup just in case.


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  1. 1 Sugihara
    May 21, 2008 at 11:06 am

    wow.. goodjob neverden!
    nice blog =P very infomative. i like it ^^

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    May 21, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    thank you very much! ^_^V

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    May 23, 2008 at 3:42 am

    the giant is the map xD

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    May 23, 2008 at 3:45 am

    wrong post heh >.>

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