aint it adorable?

Pick-Up Items Pet for Hire

Those are pictures of the pet “Grabber Lady.” This is the pet that pick up items for you. As reported before, it will pick up items only if you feed it at every time interval. I’m taking a random guess and says it’s going to be every hour that you have to feed it? Why an hour? *shrug* I don’t know, an hour seem like a good time for Cash Shop item to last…

Source: here. by Sannpomiti

New Trailer!…kind of

The 1st video is the full version, automatically played from the official website. It comes after the 60 second intro of version 3.0, the one with the drum and the music that sounds like the beginning of an epic adventure. Click to here to download that movie and view it in the highest quality.

The 2nd video is the 60 seconds version, a shortchanged version of the 1st video mentioned above. It shows the same thing, except without the interviews of the game developers and a few different screenshots. Click here to download that movie and view it in the highest quality. However, you can also watch it in decent quality on Youtube by clicking here.

I like the 60-seconds better since it basically just show me all the new stuff coming in GE v3. The full version would better if I knew any Korean to understand what those game devs were talking about…

Waves to Old Friends, and Welcome to New Ones.

New changes to our member’s log.


Enjoy your stay at CDL.

MizunoSan is no longer DFL of CDL.. (hey, that’s rhymes. ^^). Perhap the 3rd DFL position is cursed, like the position of the Defense Against the Dark Art (anyone read Harry Potter? no? eh, nevermind then)

Also, we will be kicking out inactive members by the end of the month. Please go to the forum to see if your name is on the list. If you have log in at least once this month or the last, you’re safe from the booting list. =D

And member’s log page has been updated with all the new invitees and byebye-playees. =) (…I’m in a rhyming mood. =X)

To all those who left CDL present, past, and perhaps future, CDL wish you all to continue having fun in Granado Espada. Don’t ever forget you guys and gals will have friends here in our faction.

CDL — where friendship is our main attraction. ^-^


2 Responses to “aint it adorable?”

  1. 1 mizuno
    May 16, 2008 at 8:32 am

    yup, it is cute, there is only 1 kind?

  2. 2 nevereden
    May 16, 2008 at 11:30 am

    no, there are 3. that is just one of three with screenshots available. =)

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