new cubs


Please welcome our new cubs. =)


Rawr rawr rawr! Go CDL! =D We’re the best, We’re the best! We’ll beat all the rest! *cheerleader shimmy*

Edit on the Super-Secret-Temple

I never done ST…yet, but from what I read, the warping in the SST is different ST in the fact that STT warp each family to a different spot. That means, your squad got to regroup. Please comment if it is the same way in normal ST, thanx. =P

Congratulation on Colony War

Yay! CDL conquered two colonies. Unfortunately, your western DFL is unable to attend (I overslept, okay? so sue me… =_= ) so there is no colony war report unless someone else in CDL who attended does it. Meanwhile, just enjoy yourself with the general CW report from GE forum by clicking here.

BTW, isn’t it true that that members get extra exp if they fight in the zone owned by their faction from CW? =D

Edit: From my conversation with members who did attended once I logged in in the morning, we managed to secured our 2nd colony by pure, dumb luck… everyone overlooked it, the Tetra Hill. Hey, I’m all for dumb luck if it means CDL gets another colony. Teehee. ^_^V Gah, this week’s CW seemed so fun (in a non-serious, Jackie-Chan comedy-kind of way).


2 Responses to “new cubs”

  1. 1 Bleu
    May 5, 2008 at 7:48 am

    Normal ST warps families at random positions in the ST map too. So they are the same too. Maybe SST has tougher mobs?

  2. 2 Yanagiba
    May 5, 2008 at 11:20 am

    I think it’s the same thing as ST.
    Cause the mobs are the same, and the levels are the same too.
    From what I gathered from the words in the red font.
    They had to change the name of ST as a similarly named location was added in 2.7.3.

    (Japanese speakers/readers kindly correct me if I am wrong)

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