Report on the Economy

Decided to report on the economy.

Inflation is still on the rampage. Enhancement boosters are now 6-8mil, while Enchantment tranquilizers and Mystery powders are now 4-5mi. The Veteran promotion scroll has seen the quickest price increase, starting now at 60mil. Mercenary License? 100mil now. Expect the prices for these Cash Shop items to further increase until they reach the profit balance RMT is at.

Here’s a wall of text. —> starts now

Two month ago, RMT and CS items were on the balance. You gain the same profit from selling CS items or using RMT. Only reason ppl would use RMT is because of the convenience it offered. With Black RMT, you get your vis directly. With CS items, aka Grey RMT, you get your vis indirectly ( real money > gvc > gpoints > cs items > vis ).

The market then had an equal amount of buyers and sellers. You can tell by the broads.

Now today, is it a seller’s market. Inflation worsen, but not on everything. On some items, it deflated badly but in a good way. Reasons? RMT and ABS (Adelina’s Booty Search).

The first that happened was ABS. Why spend on RMT when you can spend on GVC and get a number of searches that can win you some good level100 equipments? In the old time, those level 100 equipments were worth billions or billion point something million.

To match the competition of ABS and essentially IAH, RMT increased its stock. Now instead of getting 300mil for $25 USD, you can get 1billion for $25 USD. You see them broading 500mil for 25 USD and saying 100% extra vis to match other RMT competition, so really you are getting 1billion. It’s a marketing strategy, and a very obvious one at that. Now you earn more vis from using RMT than you could selling CS items. Yes, there is ABS, but ABS doesn’t guarantee anything good. RMT now offer convenience and a guarantee.

Moreover, players figured out that they can buy CS items cheaper using RMT than they can with gpoints in the term of real life money cost. Remember, our economy is a free-market, there is no government to tell us what to buy or sell, no regulations or anything. Yes, IAH does make RMT and its botting supporters illegal, but they have not effectively enforced it very well. It’s almost on par with the American law of bootlegging music and programs. We have laws against it, but does anyone beside the music industry people and government officials care?

The result? Less sellers of Cash Shop items, more buyers of CS items. The still standing CS-item-sellers are increasing their prices every week because we know half of our buyers are RMT users. We cannot prove it, but it is there and obvious. How else can they afford so much? You might says they have alot of rare items to sell, but even then they would become poor within a week from pawning off those items looking at their buying habits. So why do we still sell CS items to them? Like i said before, we cannot prove it. Plus we’ll also be discriminating against those who are earning their vis legitimately. It’s a game, so people aren’t exactly keeping “records” and “receipts” are what and who they buy from or sell to. You only do that with real money since you got to pay taxes and everything.

So one of two things will happen.

1) Ppl would still sell CS items, but at twice or triple the “normal prices a month ago.” This would put selling CS items and using RMT on balance once again.

2) Barely anyone will sell CS items. Players will eventually use both the Cash Shop and RMT.

<—- end wall of text

Another wall of text, but this time it’s going to happen very very soon come next maintenance. —> start now

Enchantment chip’s prices are inflating. Why? Let’s look at a month ago. Back then, some players have unique92, few players have elite84, and even fewer had lv100. Chips for those levels were expensive, but not so expensive compares today. Chips were easily attainable and were worth less than their actual value. After all, what is the point of having lv84 or lv100 chips if you don’t even have the equipment to enchant it to?

Now let’s look two months later with the release of ABS, Los Todos, and Lv4 instanced missions. Now more than a few of the population can afford those high lv equipments. They aren’t worth billions like they were back then, and everyday more and more stock of lv100 equipments come in. True, they are still expensive, but they have never been more easily acquired than before in the history of sGE. Look at the broads of ppl selling them? Selling them! It used to be the fact that if you have some, you hoard it all to yourself and to your faction. Only a few ppl would even consider selling them! After all, because of CW, you don’t want to sell a weapon or armor that could potentially be used against you. So yeah, ppl are selling them… and they’re not ppl from the elitist factions. So it makes little sense to hoard such items now, somewhat still sensible…but not anymore like before.

Of course, with almost everyone (I exaggerate, but you get the idea) having these elites, you can bet they want to enchant them with AR and DR bonuses. So now chips are worth their actual cost. It’s good for sellers, but bad for buyers. But like with any trading, it is usually always good or bad for one of the two sides.

Now what does have to do with anything with the next maintenance? Bahamas will be released. You can now craft the highest AR-innate weapons the game can offer. These will be the weapons that will set you through the entirety of the game. There can be no better weapons (as far as the recent news of the future versions goes, version 3.0 only have new armors release). You can only make it better through enchantments and socketting.

So what will be results of Bahamas? Some players will abandon their elite92 and 84 and special normal 100 weapons will go for the elite100. They won’t abandon those weapons completely, but they will sell them to the mass. So now, more common players can afford those weapons as competition takes over and elitist will try to sell as much as they can get (they will need the vis for Dragonheart). Chips will become even more expensive, I will bet my account that the level100 chips will not stay 25mil any longer after this Wednesday (Thursday on the other side of the world). And the same goes for the other level chips as more and more ppl can acquire these once-best-in-the-game weapons.

The tip? Don’t sell any chips, hoard them all into the faction, especially the level 100. Sell the other level chips after a month when prices stabilize.

<— end of wall of text

Please notice, that these are my theories and predictions, and are in no way scientifically-proven. But I hope my logic is good enough to persuade you to my thinking.


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