notice for buying gpoints

I have confirm that Offgamers is a legal distributor of gpoints and other IAH merchandises. I got the proof from here which is an old news from before. It is about the ETS package. BTW, MOL and Gamehives are the same thing. Gamehives is the site, and MOL is the company.

Westerners, if you don’t have ETS and wish to buy one, offgamers is the way to go. However, if you would prefer the Limited Edition Signature Package, go buy from Gameshop. Offgamer doesn’t offer it.

I have not try Offgamer yet, but reading their product list, you get the pins instantly once you pay instead of waiting confirmations like with Gameshop. Plus,  Offgamer’s price is a bit cheaper. They set it in USD, unlike with SGD, I have to convert my USD into SGD using Paypal’s exchange rate which changes daily, mostly for the bad because the American dollar gets weaker and weaker.

So yeah, Offgamer is legal…despite the RMT of the other games they offer. ^^” That’s why I was so hesitant and confused. Link is added to the right bar navigation.

Wow, three news posts today. =D


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