Cannot afford elites? Get glazium


nullI’ll simplify the news of Glazium (you can read it here on GE site):

You are poor. You cannot buy elites, but you can buy cash shop items. Cash Shop item “Glazium” solves that problem; use “Glazium” to acquire personal semi-elites. These semi-elites equipments are untradable. The higher the level of the equipments you need, the more “Glazium” you must buy and use.

Each item created with glazium will have a +3 Attack Rating or Defense Rating compared to normal items. This makes them slightly better than uniques, but not as good of quality as elites.

Basically, it’s for people who can only use Cash Shop very limitedly and wish to afford decent equipments. nullIf you have elites 84 or unique 92, just ignore the update. It is useless for you.

nullBTW, SotNW released this “Glazium” update earlier than sGE. Instead of “Glazium,” they called it “Polisher.” So these semi-elites are called Ancestral (SotNW’s vocabulary).

In total there are five kinds of equipment: Normal, Fake Unique, Unique, Ancestral, and Elite. Ancestral equipments, you must buy “Glazium” from cash shop in order to make. Only do so if you cannot afford elites. =/

Click here for sGE’s ancestral items discussion. Click here for SotNW’s ancestral items discussion.

What’s the point of this update? To make the game easier for players to reach veteran. After all, if a certain % of players don’t reach veterans, Bahamas will delayed… again. null


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