IAH and Gameshop.com.sg have listened!

Was browsing gameshop.com.sg, and they have added a new entry in their GE sales catalog!

Lorch card for sale
A bundle of 10 lorch cards for $39! More poison for us though…

From February 21 to March 20, the bonuses will be added to purchases of the 750 and 1800 G-point GVCs.

750 G-Point GVC will include 250 extra G-points and 1 Enhancement Booster
1800 G-point GVC will include 700 extra G-points and 3 Enhancement Boosters

Number of searches per GVC

Translating the terms, the $39 set will be (1800+700)x10 = 25000 gpoints, with 30 E. Boosters, as well as 50 chances for ATP card!

But if you want more G-points, this is definitely not for you. Please refer to our forum post on the analysis of which GVC to get to make the best bang out of your $$!


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