Collect your item by 25 DEC 2010 n I am stepping down by 1 Jan 2011

Distrub all the item as deem fit by Agg. I dun wish to see any more item in bank  by DEC 25 2010.

Also, symbol distriub to those that have ton of point first and go TA with the regular, since they help cdl the mostly.

Agg should know who are the one that help in TA, eg. Yana, Agg, Creative and Reappear. This few get 1st go with symbol and item. Agg will also make sure those name i not mention or miss out and deem fit to collect FIRST WILL GET FIRST. I will stand by his decision.

DUN COMPLAIN TO ME, since every time i go TA i see this few only. we hardly can make 1 TA when other go off and farm on their own.  SO DUN say U HELP THE MOST.

AGG WILL LET THIS FEW GET FIRST then what is left in vault, the rest can call for it. CLEAR OUT ALL ITEM IN VAULT BY 25 Dec. item not claim by then all will be sold, break or donate to newbie. Vis all go to Agg from the sell, he will keep all the vis from sells of item not claim. Then should any one come back from the GRAVE and claim they get nothing. Jus give them a small amount of vis as token of apperication. max is 1 mil. or up to AGG to decide. Once all distrub out, sorry but thanks for your help.

AND those wish to QUIT CDL after collecting the goodie PLEASE LEAVE I DUN NEED U HERE Any more.

LAst item on the block, since CDL is deading after i return in oct and most high lvl member quit without saying good bye, SO B IT. Merry christmas and good luck to those that leave

Anyone in CDL wish to take over my post and try to run CDL, let me know, bUT one condition. NO ALLY with EMN is ALLOW. Anyway I also dun really care what the new leader do to CDL.

If by 1 JAN 20111, no one wish to take over my post, dun worry i will not disband CDL. I will delare war on EMN first then put Devolton acc into Sleeper mode.  I wake at ramdom  jus to go around KILL EMN for FUN. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA……..


CDL last Auction Bid

I am closing the bid system due to poor response to TA MCC1 and MCC3.

The reason behind this closure is not disbanding. But it is more effective that some individual prefer to solo TA and farm symbol to sell then to wait for the monthly auction or some newbie can mule for other to get vis.(1mil each TA) I hear some one can get up to 6mil by being a starter mule for them. I have to be realistic  to CDL need. Perviously some member cannot even solo a TA so they need help to get stuff and that the reason for us to keep item in TA for this newbie. Now they can be starter and save up to buy what they need.  There is also not enough people to start even one CDL TA recently. As many of those that can solo ,see that if they can farm for a symbol on their own they skip the rule of auction and also keep the profit  eg. 1 Aqua is 150mil vis. I have try to start 1 TA even with the help of my spare PC. Even that I cannot even get enough  player to come and help start.

So having say that I decided to close Leon for good. As for me, I will hire mule to help start TA for my own TA. I usually will Team up with 1 other CDL member to share the buying of mule. Then any symbol we have, we may keep or sell then spilt it 50 50. 

CDL forum will have a new symbol market for those who wish to sell and buy symbol or any thing. U can request DFL to post in faction broad but for 1 day advertisment it cost u 3mil vis. weekend 6mil each day . ALL broad income will be split equally among 3 DFL only. This split include YANA but not me. Creative and AGG can help post broad in faction. Timing n date will be posted so you know when it is posted. eg. ” Selling Aqua 150mil pm ABC. 20th Aug 12.30pm” Note: important notice will over rule this. eg. during CW, Faction Raid and any important notice that deem must go up. But once the important notice is over, your advertise will be put up again without any extension or refund. Please pay the one who help u put up the advertisement. Also, only when the time is up then u can request DFL to advertise for U.


We did Vault Last weekend!!

Some one once say if one dun taste bitter of defeat one dun know hw sweet victory taste. It was a bitter blow for us last weekend when we enter vault mission for the first time but fail to complete it. Ved, creative, Duh, Mdj, Luntie and Liek ( sorry to those if i miss out as I use memory power to recall who was there) came to help me do Hellenna Secert Vault Mission. To Enter, I need a Hellenna and 500 reputation point to enter. Last 2 weeks, I rush my Hellenna to expert. I put my best armor on her and even buy all the wing and hrin buff for her and use Blue lollipo for additional def. When I open open the serect vault and step in, we enter into a empty room. At the first door, and also on each door we encounter we need hellenna to open and enter first. It like a step into abyss. Once i enter, lifeless solider appear and chase after me. it like every 30 sec 4 new mob will appear. The rest follow through the door n into hell of mob. But in order to open the next room, 1 of us must enter a warp gate that will transport 1 of us into a mini boss room. I was told the mini boss is human and 6 other lifless soldier will attack you once you enter. The job was comnpleted by Luntie, she Heroinly charge in to solo the mini boss alone. The rest of us try to keep my hellenna alive at all cost. Creative provoke non stop to lure mob away from me. Ved use ele and wiz to cover my back where Duh use her imbal Ah MA ( grandice ) to whack the mob hard  with her imbal Queen Sword. Liek and MDj also kill many mob to keep me alive. We saw Luntie was victorious from her boss basking when she appear on the hall way. The door show a enter arrow. The whole cycle repeat itself.  We complete 3 room easily. I believe all was confident that we can reach the long hall way. On entering the 4th room, I was in for a nasty surprise. Once i enter instead of 4 mob appear in the room there was 6 mob. The rest followed. They fence off the first wave while Luntie rush into the mini boss room to kill the boss. I cannot stay in 1 spot in this room as all the mob seem to aim my hellenna. I begin to run and dodge the mob. But More and more mob appear. Some of us begin to lag and also catch in the cross fire from those mob charging pole arm that immoblise u for awhile. This awhile is what kill me later. I run and run soon the whole room is cover with mob. Every concer I try to run to, there is a mob standing there. Finally, 1 of the mob catch up with hellenna and jag her. She fell and as she pick up herself, more mob attack her. She drink potion like mad. She manage to outrun and survice 3 deadly encounter before she cannot run any more. Her last move bring her to a cross fire then catch her off guide and she was stun. There was nothing more i can do. She died just when i saw notice showing Luntie win that miniboss. It was a sad end and to some they sure say. ” see see I told u so, they sure die.” As we was wrap out, most cannot believe hellenna died. She escape death 3 time. But eventually she also cannot run forever.

I must say it was a beautiful death and a bitter one. I have start trainning hellenna to Master. Hopefully she can be master by end of the month. I like to broke from the norm. Like TA and Cicrus we go until bore. So I try to inject some new life back into CDL. We also did Vergo those instance mission. I finally got to kick Vergo butt after so many year. Then we make a mistake at GOF. It appear to be a bug. U need to make the gate (we call Key A) and also a enterance key(we call KEY B) for the one who summon the mission gate. The rest only need a entereance Key. At least, our sunday can be fun again. It was too bad i lost a GOF key A but we learn.

LAst of all. Happy National DAy to SINGAPORE  45 year of independance.


WE ALL MAD about LVL 135 Mad ETS

Hi Hi

Long ago i use to go to this Baba shop that sell all type of magaine and comic BUT no porn stuff. Among the many magazine. A comic magazine stand out most interesting it call MAD (u guess it)

it was so much maddess inside i wonder this must be the work of a mad man.

Well, that bring me to what i going to say next. MAD ETS is MAD indeed. SHE HOT, SEXY, EVILISH, DANGEROUS AND SO HELL HOT THAT HELL REFUSE to let her in. SO she now been release in GE.

I have the honor to return to play GE for a short time last night.

I decided to do my MMA quest since it need to be done before I can progress to MAD ETS quest. I choice my main team Fighter, STW and Musk all MASTER and AIM to the teeth. Man I got my ASS whip so many time until I nearly give up. ( I NEVER GIVE UP unless no more gpts) I pay that Andre $1mil to do the quest. I went in chat with Firtz and the Beating begin. I wnet with 9999 HP pots and lot of buff potion and SC. When i done with that quest. I have use up almost all my stuff. The first few Boss was walk in the park. Then Elvin appear and 1 Lighting ZAP and all got kick out of the Mission. I went again , another 1mil burn think it was a mistake on my place then again i got zap. I told myself OMG i so screw this time. on my thrid try i decide to let my musk solo Elvin, and i park my other main far away from him. This way only my musk die and i jus SC her. It a long fight. So many boss until i lost count. there is Brian and Lava, those last few bosses i have never met before all put a dam hell of a fight. All my main take turn to die BUT i did not give up. Onward they charge at the BOSS with or without buff. Eventually, Firtz appear and he too was tough cookie. But I use STW and fighter expert stance to force him back and I use the main that have the most HP agg him whenever he hammer 1 of my main HP down to 80%. I burn 5mil jus to redo Firtz quest but finally i walk out a true MMA master.

After i talk to Jean in Auch, i was lost for a moment as there was continue on Jean part. I ask a friend and he point to PORT so i went there. This time I replace STW with Jean the DET. I top up all ammo and potion. Buff up and warp to PORT. Once there I went up the slop to Emillia Lab. There, I told myself  I need to get her in 1 go as my SC and Permium Buff is limited. I step up to her door and knock. It Open and we were in. Once inside , I saw all my main in COMBAT mode. I say this is bad. Then I saw the clock ticking down. The fight was 1 min later when she and jean complete targeting. She was so mad she change into the MAD ETS and Float into the sky. There when I saw she mean business. 1 AOE Jean zzzzzzzzzzz. my 2 main 50% HP gone. I quickly use my fighter to Agg her. It work and she was fire all magic at my MAIN tank. I make my musk run to her back and out of her AOE range. from there I let all hell break loose on MAD ETS. At first her HP refuse to drop even 1%. I shout HOLY MOOOOO. and I saw the clock ticking away. I was despo now. I use all my remaining Permium Buff and even some of my preious election potion and speical elxia potion. Finally I see her HP was going down but by then i have only 7min to drop her. I know it was every blow and bullet must hit home fast. I buff speed also. My main was high on Drug. But I need more but there is no more buff left that i can use. MAD ETS HP was slowly dropping. Every min go by, my heart pound harder and harder until the last 1.5 min. She remain about to die but for some reason, her HP bar is zero already but cannot die. I like WTH. It was after 2 more combo then she was down. I only left about 45sec more before i was kick out. I did not read what the conversation between Jean and Emillia for fear i shall kick out of the mission when the time is up. I clip so fast until my mouse can break a sweat. After the talk is over. I was left with 3 sec, as it tick down I felt hopless and rejected as i realize it was maybe too late. To my surprise. The Mission Complete appear jus after the timer hit 0 sec.  And that how i got MAD ETS. She beautiful indeed most beautiful after i recuit her.


Ver 4.5 SAY WHAT!!!!

I miss u all dearly but real life come first. I finally get to meet MAD ETS soon, I hope. Indeed she will be worthly wiz player to have. But can I recuit her, it may be  a problem for me. At the moment i only can use my laptop and my PC are in storage, so until i get a house and reinstall my PC. I doubt i be back soon. So you all have fun without me.

Yana is doing a great job as FL i hear, it not easy to look after a big faction. But then again, CDL is not that active as usual. I hear we not at war with the big E. I wonder why is that so. I also hear some old player pop in from time to time to chat. That good news, and good to have not been forgotten. Thanks old guard of CDL. I shall try to login to GE if i can get a chance to visit my friend house to say hi to u all. Miss U much.

Well, although i cannot login to GE i been following the GE website closely. Well beside the ver 4.5 patch. I was happy to see that they are bring back symbol and expert stance book to HCOF again. BUT to my horror, when i went in to see how many ticket i needed to exchange 1 book or a symbol, there it say need 1 GOLD ticket. I like OMG OMG OMG, is this a joke. Those play this card of chance will know that to get a GOLD ticket is like winning a 1st price in TOTO. Last dec i try to get a Gold ticket jus for Grandice ring, u know i spent how many 84K gpts, so many only IAH will know and laughing to the bank. Trust me it not worth it, u can get it from other way then in HCOF. Also remember it depend on luck ( somehow i dun believe, i felt like being scam, that hrin card is Voodoo never appear where i guess it will be) u can try 300 time and still get no Gold ticket. It like gambling. So be warn do not over spent on Gpts please. Gpts is real money so it must be spent wisely. eg. 1x 84kGpts card can get u a few mech card and u can sell them at a good price and since symbol can drop from boss hunt and Team Arena surly there be some one selling it. Like wise if this seller know symbol and book is selling in HCOF again, they will be force to sell it lower. So instead of try your luck, go for the buy / sell tactic to get what u need instead and maybe u earn some vis even along the way. HCOF is a short cut but at a high cost. Also there was a ECON promo, which one of my friend went to buy 2 x 84Gpts card for 6 scratch card. After he scratch all the 6 he say he told me it all the same pic. I was surprise but joke at him and say SURE WIN ma. So we went to exchange at Red Dot which i find the place very beautiful and so is the lady that speak to me. I felt that they should have make the exchange in Funan as the operating hour is longer then there office hour also the exchange can be done on week end instand of week day only. Well,  I also won a  T-shirt on the Green Hour event. The T was nice. I love it alot. Lastly, i went to the Licsene to Play event to check out the New Star Craft. it cost $109 per-order. I like O.O. I ask any discount. They say no but u get to play before other. LOL. I told them that in tat case I wait and see the review first. Expo was mad crowded, parking was impossible. But i was glad to see GE on the IAH stand and i try out the ver 4.5, well what can i say. it awsome. Beside GE IAH got counter strike also. Nice. U know what i regert most was, there is this promo on demo laptop use during the expo. A few i7 chip Lenavo Game laptop selling at usual $2.2K going at $1.2k only. I saw the pomo only after i reach home. I was mad like RAGING RED BULL.

I spent my Birthday without GE and alone in May. sad isn’t it. Anyway, no need to be sorry for me. I use to it already. LIFE IS BITCH. ^^ I fortune will come soon. I can feel it. U all take care. Cya.


I NEVER imagine I’ll see CDL CW Glory so SOON!!!

Think of  this

we are been bully,we are call name, most think CDL is all talk and no action. Who want to join a faction like this? I bet theyl think that those JOIN CDL is a LOSER.

What can I say? I think last 2 weeks, we may have silent the critic once and for all.

We went 2 CW and both we got a colony but we cannot hold on to it. But we are learning. CDL moral is high after last night CW. Never have I see so many CDL SPARTAN answer the CALL of Duty. Nor I have see the order and discipline that slowly but steady transfering CDL in a small but efficient WaRRIOR. Nor have I in my wildest dream able to take a colony during CW. I have been in GE for 3 year now. Last night, I was most happy and sad at the same time.

Happy that we capture a Colony at Hermana. Happy to see Millienion having fun with us and accept my request for truce. Sad to see that most of the big faction see us a threat now. Well, gone are the day when All Star was unstoppable under QQ, gone are the day when I respect L C under Mahonny in charge, Gone is Republic ally that hold Godlike EMN and their Royalist ally at bay. Sad to see that new leader is Unfriendly and refuse to truce even we after CW is over. Well, sad also because we become Neutral as to avoid my newbie been killed by those barbarian KSer who go around killing afker after CW is over. Sad that many trash talk about me and our member.  Sigh

Some will ask why go CW if u dun like to see sadness. I have a mission and that is to go see Gate of Lighting Boss. Even we are not able to kill it. We want to enjoy as much as we can in GE. As i see most of us have a short stay in GE before they move on in real life. I have stay 3years in GE. That is by far or maybe the longest active Faction leader in GE. but most player will stay an average of 1 year the most.

I must thanks our WARlord for the wonderful CW and ELITE SPARTAN for keep all the Breaker Spartan alive. U all were fantizzzate and BRAVE. We die many time, we cannot win the imbal player since they have colony buff to support them. BUT we prove a Mice can SKIN a CAT (TOM and Jerry). We r small nevertheless but we have the heart and will of LION and a brain of SPARTAN.

BUT a warning to all CDL. Dun let (I say again Don’t LET) Power come to your head. U all work as a team and that what count. U can break a stick easily BUT try to break a whole bunch of stick bond together as 1. Remember tat in real life.

I believe we are almost ready to go see GOL boss. WE ARE SPARTAN.



LAst night, we want for a GOF raid outing and we KILL 2 LAVA Boss. A nice Fire dagger and a Pole Arm drop from LAVA boss. Also We now can start 4 TA once we have enough people, this increase our chance of getting symbol. We took out 2 Circus Boss with 2 team of 5 the other Nights. Look like CDL is coming to age as True SPARTAN.

Well done all.

NOW here is my new Challenge. we try go GATE OF LIGHTING. I have at a few GOL orb. I believe it is impossible to win it. BUT then again, NO try U dun know.

SO all CDL Spartan Train hard and fast. I planning to GOL next month to Welcome THE YEAR OF THE TIGER.

I also be asking some MASTER to guide us. So all those want to go please go read U on the raid requirement. Outsider MASTER also can join in the fun but Lighting Weapon must go to CDL as I pay for the Lighting Orb. ALL other Loot please share with each other.